Red Card


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    soccer sucks


    Since when was Michael Palin a referee?


    It’s called football, and yeah, it does suck.


    Football is the most physically demanding sport known to man. Yet it still blows. I prefer american football, which shall henceforth be known as “Downball.” Because the objective is to score downs. First downs, touch downs. You rarely play with any kind of feet, and even the measuring is in yards. Let us start a petition! Renaming American Football “Downball!”


    water polo is more demanding


    The most demanding sport is war.



    I disagree. Have you ever played rugby?


    gtfo eurofags

    tiki god

    I’m with Tony

    Rugby ftw



    You don’t know the rules. You’ve never watched a live game. You don’t get to comment. Applies to both types of football.

    The referee here is Valentin Ivanov. On of the highest “ranked” football referees in the world.


    Do they still call them soccer balls in foooot-a-ball-eh?

    Alpha Harrison

    No it’s called a football. Weird that huh? And don’t call us euro fags. You all might piss and moan when anything about football rears it’s head, but i don’t see America stopping their national team from qualifying for the world cup. Although to be fiar, they don’t have to stop them, they just fail because they’re shit. Your best player is Brad Friedel!

    tiki god

    America has a national soccer team?


    I’d sign that petition.


    I love playing soccer. Watching it’s ok. Caring about watching it? meh, go play outside.
    I need to feel involved, but that might just be me. (except of course in the really close, good games. Everyone can enjoy those)


    “It’s called football …” not in Japan, it’s called …. wait for it …. Soccer!

    and not only do we have a soccer team, but it’s normally gets to go to the World Cup, in fact in 1994’s World Cup they beat Columbia, which kinda got one of their players murdered when they returned home, which kinda sucks.


    i just think it’s a pathetic sport when you win by having more convincing falls, and especially since mexico is god at it :0

    Alpha Harrison

    Mexico isn’t god at football. They kinda suck. The biggest teams near America (and possibly in the world) are Argentina and Brazil, everyone else in North/South America aren’t very good


    playing a sport is cool. watching a sport gets boring. but even more boring/annoying is people that bitch and argue over sports….coughallofyoucoughcough

    anyway, i dont even see a red card in this picture.. i see the ref giving those guys the finger.. which is waaay cooler.

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