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    Burgers are processed frozen chunks of crap with an almost indefinite shelf life. Salads have a short shelf life, have to be harvested, shipped and sold quickly, costing more and producing more spoilage.


    But the amount of energy required to produce even a small amount of protein (beef or cheese) is much much more than that required to produce raw vegetable produce.
    The only advantage of beef is that it can be frozen….but this requires even more energy.


    You sound like one of those confused (ie, retarded) vegans who fail to understand that just because cows can extract energy from grass, it doesn’t mean a human could do as well.

    The energy required to turn what cows can eat into something a human could eat would be greater than simply letting the cow do it for us and then eating the cow.


    I’m not a vegan, not even a vegetarian.
    And your statement might have been valid 50 years ago.
    But the beef you eat now (unless you own your own ranch) is mostly corn fed.
    In any case, animal husbandry and processing beef takes much more energy than growing vegetables.


    Yes, those cattle are corn fed, the ENTIRE corn plant.

    All of it gets ground up and used as silage. The corn kernels (which is all that people eat) account for about 5% of the plant.

    Those Herbivores eat ALL of the plant, while we pathetic Omnivores eat at best about 25% of any nutrient rich plant. (Yes you can eat all of a Celery plant, but how much nutrition does it have?)


    Most “grain fed” cattle are finished for about six months on a high grain mix….not silage.
    Most estimates are about 5-6 pounds of corn (actual corn…not silage) to produce a pound of beef.
    And that doesn’t include feed before finishing…which is when they graze and get silage.


    I smell a non-equivalency…


    wtf does ron paul have to do with burgers vs salad


    Nothing. The creator of the image is trying to make Ron Paul look sane and against this sort of thing.

    In reality, Ron Paul is the same old capitalist-fellating sociopath whose type dominates the GOP today.


    Ranching is possible and profitable in areas where farming is barely possible and not profitable. On top of that, the market sets the price, don’t want to pay $5 for a salad don’t buy it.


    If that Hamburger is only $0.99, I want to know where they’re selling them so I can eat a bunchton. Would fully expect to spend three or four times that easy.


    This was covered on the Freakonomics Podcast:

    Govt’ subsidized.