Let’s Move To Canada

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Gorge Bush Suxs, But I’m Not Moving To Canada.

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    if you can’t go to Canada, wait for Canada to come to you!



    Don’t let the door hit your ass on the way out.. eh?


    Canada has its perks, like universal health care. But its government isnt all its cracked up to be. Its dollar may be rising in value, but the national average income is way less than the american average income, not to mention its cold as fuck, and sparcely populated outside the urban areas. Canada blows unless you are going there on vacation for hookers and waffles


    Fuck all y’all, you’ll be singing out the other side of your mouth when you’re trapped in an unwinnable war, your economy is crumbling, and your government is run by corporate interests rather than the will of the people. OH WAIT. By the way, Vancouver isn’t any colder than Oregon, Washington, Maine, New York, or a dozen other states I could name, and our average income may be slightly lower but so is our cost of living so it all works out. Come on up! Unlike your own nation, we’d be glad to have you, and we’ll treat you right.

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    Moving to Canada to get away from Bush is like someone moving to France to get away from Hitler.


    Don’t move to Canada. I LIKE having all this elbow room. (BTW: being cold beats being globally despised.)


    Comparing Bush to Hitler is like comparing Reboot to someone with a life.

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    You might as well come here. Everyone else is. I’d rather have you than the Chinese and Indians who not so secretly despise the domestic population here which we aren’t even allowed to refer to ourselves as since that would be racist.
    Plus they are the dirtiest, nastiest, and somehow dumbest people you’ll ever meet. Most of the west coast won’t even do business with Toronto because of these third world idiots. btw the reason our dollar is soaring is because of one province. Alberta. It’s excelling in spite of the rest of the country. Left wing political views aren’t exactly a staple in an aggressive and progressive economy.
    I guess everywhere has it’s problems. At least in America you’re allowed to complain about them.


    BC bud FTW


    I agree, everywhere has their problems. Of course people dispise america, just like I dispise the guy with the better car than me, or the prettier girlfriend, or the bigger house. Jealousy is a strong emotion. And just because we arent living in a bunch of sand huts abusing our women and praying to a religeon which promises 70 virgins apon entering heaven, we are hated. Our economy has problems, so does everyone else, at least ours will recover as it has in the past. Besides, Canadians are retards compared to americans, and thats not saying a bunch because americans are retarded compared to the british. However, there are 10x as many americans as there are british. So, do the math =p


    No, America is hated because of ignorant, bigoted, idiotic, arrogant comments like the one you just made.
    If Canadians are retards compared to Americans then why does your country consistantly score lower than Canada in national testing? Plus any country that is the home of Springer, Dog the Bounty Hunter, and Deliverance has no right to be throwing stones.
    Quite trolling Rtardkitten.
    And having 10X as many people as another country and doing worse statistically just means your people are on average far more stupid than the country you are comparing it to.
    I’d say do the math but you obviously can’t. =P

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    Sometimes I refrain from posting because I don’t want my words anywhere near stuff like the smoldering dog shit Saphykitten writes.
    I don’t want to catch the stupids.
    Or the fats.


    canadians are stinky dick farts.
    my mom cheated on my dad with a canadian.
    what a dickfart.


    canadians are stinky dick farts.
    my mom cheated on my dad with a canadian.
    what a dickfart.
    and oh yeah
    : why would test scores matter.
    doesnt it all come down who has the most militarty power. not troops, but power. face it we could have canada in orbit in less than 2 minutes 23 seconds. by nuclear force.


    odd, my comments=fuxxord.

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    I believe the ‘we got the bombs’ chest puffing point went the way of your dollar when you started losing all your wars.
    Besides if America ever actually blew any country up, let alone Canada, they’d be the target of every other country on the planet.
    PS: your mom says hi.



    More idiots moving out of the U.S. will only make the conservative ideology more stronger.

    Power to the people.

    Alec Dalek

    Stay the fuck out of Canada, yankees! You’ll just bring all your problems with you (like not know how to vote).


    i lived in canada for almost a year and i loved it!. lots of elbow room, almost no niggers, no rednecks, even the punks were cool people. but it was long ago so maybe it’s changed a bit in the past 15 years.

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    Like all good things….it has.


    Test scores were brought up by Tardkitten. I was just responding to her.
    Force is a pathetic way of getting your message across, which is why the US is soooo damn popular internationally right now.
    And your comments aren’t fuxxord, it’s just you, fuxxtard.


    loller + wut?!

    I don’t know what kind of crazy aryan Genius part of Canada you live in, but for me University was the one place I could get away from Crackers. In fact, outside of the classroom, I don’t recall ever hearing a world of English. Just Punjabi, Chinese, Korean, hell, even Angolan Portuguese has got to be better represented in that university than cracker-speak.


    Isn’t reverse racism fun? It makes you just as fucking stupid as the white trash that subscribes to that way of thinking!

    yay!!!! Let’s all keep the hate going strong!


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