dogs vs cats

dogs vs cats

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    It all depends on how you raise them. All my life I wanted to love cats but couldn’t, cats that belonged to people never let anyone pet them except the owner and street cats are your best friends but they’re usually dirty and about to die or whatever (in Romania). Then, I got my own cat. I wanted her to act like my dog, so I taught her to play (paper)ball, she comes almost immediately running when you call her name even if she was sleeping. She likes other people and licks their fingers if they are smokers. Lastly, when… Read more »

    tiki god

    my cats hate me.


    Dogs can be useful. Cats can pretty much only fetch you dead mice, which I suppose is useful if you’re a starving hobo.


    I tried walking my cat once. He fucking tried to kill me.

    I love my dog more.


    Haha walking your cat, like on a leash?? Thats silly, mine just comes and goes.


    LoL, yeah, worse thing I ever tried doing. He was acting like a total dick to the other cat so I thought I’d burn off some of his energy with a nice walk (seems to work with my dog).

    I actually bought a cat leash. It’s a harness with a bungee type leash/cord that stretches. Once I got it on him, he flipped out and was trying to run away from his leash. He took out everything in his path and now whenever he sees that leash, he takes off running.


    You are a true hero.

    I’d never try this. Never.


    I far prefer my cat to my dog. My cat is docile and lazy, sure, but all I need to do to make him happy is be in the same room, and sometimes that’s all I need from him. The dog constantly loses toys under the couch and bugs the crap out of me.

    teezy weezy

    Dog lovers have sex with dogs.

    Alec Dalek

    So are you a cat “lover”?


    lol, mostly true. Some breeds are more playful than others, but it seems like a novelty animal to many people. An animal who you only take responsibility for when you want to play with something cute and fluffy. So many cat owners let their cats roam free and kill native animals, mainly birds. I know dogs kill things too, but not due to pet owners thinking it’s ok. Cats fight, therefore injure other pets, get pregnant due to owners being too slack to get the cat de-sexed, or taking a kitten from a friend who has had the same problem… Read more »