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    1. knogoodidleft says:

      i lol’d

    2. Gilly says:

      Atheism – Saving valuable ink.

    3. coolghoul says:

      I’m an atheist….Swear to God!

    4. T G Geko says:

      I can’t believe you, I’m Atheist

    5. knogoodidleft says:

      atheism is a non-phrophet association, cant spend much money on ink anyways.

    6. Smedlorificus says:

      Me and my cousin seriously considered doing this at the house of a nearby Jehovah’s Witness, but didn’t for fear of getting in trouble. Darn, I nearly had a slightly amusing anecdote there.

    7. natedog says:

      so what is the point of this bizarro?

      that nothing can convince someone to be atheist?

      that there’s no proof that god does not exist?

      maybe it’s just a punny little play on Atheism believing there is nothing out there creator-wise?

      on another note, check the lit dynamite at the bottom.

      and are Atheists required to wear pastels?

    8. The Matrix: Rebooted says:

      natedog, answers to your questions:
      it’s funny.
      only in the spring.

    9. natedog says:

      so is there any proof that god doest NOT exist?

    10. Smedlorificus says:

      No, but there’s no proof that an invisible monkey is NOT throwing invisible, unfeelable poo at you either. Hooray for Russel’s Teapot!

    11. Smedlorificus says:

      That’s not meant to be offensive to anybody, I just thought it was an amusing analogy.

    12. The Matrix: Rebooted says:

      Russel’s Teapot is very good. Epicurus had some interesting things to say. There’s a bunch of oldies but goodies, like “If God created everything, who created God?” and “Can God microwave a burrito so hot that he can’t eat it?”

    13. coolghoul says:

      I always liked George Carlin’s, “Can God create a rock so big even he can’t lift it?”

    14. Smedlorificus says:

      God has a covenant with all grandfathers that all odd paradoxes are not allowed, in order to prevent suicidal time-travelling escapades. Therefore, God could microwave such a burrito or create such a rock, but would destroy the space time continuum in the process. Never underestimate the devastating abilities of deity-old people agreements!

    15. natedog says:

      as to who created god, i think i can answer that one. but i’ll prolly be ridiculed for attempting to answer it.


      if god did, in fact, create the physical universe, then he logically exists outside of the physical realm, which includes Time (or Spacetime, as it were).

      so if God made Time and Space, and exists outside of it, then not only does he not have a beginning or end, it would be impossible for him to have a beginning or ending.

      therefore, God, if he exists, cannot and must not have a creator.

      and as to being able to microwaving a burrito so hot or make a rock so big, etc., why not? if God can do anything, shouldn’t he be able to make a rock too big for him to lift? shouldn’t he be able to make a burrito too hot?

      and i totally had god pegged for a chimichanga or fajita guy.

    16. The Matrix: Rebooted says:

      Smedlorificus, if you worked a story around that premise, you might be able to write a good Neil Gaiman/ Terry Prachet-type novel.

    17. Smedlorificus says:

      Yay! I’m helping!

      Can has million dollar advance?

    18. The Matrix: Rebooted says:

      @natedog, What does “outside of the physical realm” mean?
      And “outside spacetime” only takes care of the chronological part of the problem, but you still have the teleological aspect. Consider this: in another thread, you basically made the argument that life is so complex, precise and amazing that it could not have happened by itself, it must have had a creator. But that creator must be itself by pretty complex and amazing, and by your own argument something complex must have a creator, so the creator must have a creator and so on….
      For the 2nd part, you’re missing the point of the paradoxes, namely, if God DID create a burrito so hot he can’t eat it, then he is no longer omnipotent because there is something that he cannot do, namely, eat the burrito.

    19. Smedlorificus says:

      Oh dear. The discussion is going all serious.

      But natedog, how does anybody know what God is like if He/She/It is outside of space time, how can anybody know what God is like? That God could just be a natural process.

    20. Alec Dalek says:

      God damn it, natedog is a idiot! So your answer to who created god is that he wasn’t. Um, yeah, whatever. I guess those bible pages make really great rolling papers.

      Just to be fair, here’s my theory, which I present for your criticism and ridicule:

      The universe began because nothing existed, and since for nothing to exist, there must also be existence to define non-existence. And when this first event happened, the universe split into every possible outcome of this event, and each subsequent universe also diverged at every possible event, either leading to infinite quantum instances, or disintegrating into a quantum singularity, producing the universal cycle of the big bang and the big crunch which has probably happened anywhere from once to a billion times already. Simple.

    21. natedog says:

      piss, it isn’t that hard to understand, people.

      if there is a god that made the universe, then this god made the physical aspects of the universe.

      and if this is the case, then it (god) exists outside of the physical universe, i.e. space and time.

      if god made time, then god cannot be bound by time. therefore, any creator of time cannot have a beginning.

      and @ Reboot, i never posted anywhere on the interwebs (including MCS) anything remotely like what you say i said in post #18.

      the point i was trying to make in the posts to which you are referring is that the human body exists in such a state today that it could not have come to be in any step-by-step method such as evolution. i said this because of the interdependency of all the parts of the Human Body.

      i tried to come at it from a non-faith, non-bible thumping angle. but of course words are put in my mouth.

      by ‘outside of the physical realm’ and ‘outside spacetime’ i mean just that. before time. if there is a god who created time, it exists outside of time. i would say it existed before time, but ‘before time’ is an oxymoron of sorts.

      if there is a god, it cannot have a beginning…

    22. Alec Dalek says:

      natedog: no matter where god exists, in our universe, or another, who created him? In order to exist, there has to have been a state of non-existance where he didn’t exist. So what caused him to exist? And why is that easier to believe than the Big Bang and Evolution? At least those are two things that have observable properties.

      Also, if god doesn’t exist in our universe (according to your theory), then he simply doesn’t exist.

    23. The Matrix: Rebooted says:

      “‘before time’ is an oxymoron of sorts.”
      Bingo. ‘before time’ and ‘outside space’ are not just oxymorons, they are contradictions. If you conclude that god must exist outside space/time, then god cannot exist because there is nothing before time and nothing outside space by definition. Proof by contradiction. QED. Checkmate. Gameover.
      Congratulations on demonstrating yet another reason why god does not exist.

    24. Alec Dalek says:

      And while were on the topic, if god does exist, and wants us to believe in him, why make it so questionable? The ancients talk about being visited by “god” all the time, but I’ve never met them. Why did they give a different religion to each major race, and have them all contradict each other? If Christianity is the one true faith, why did it take 4000 years (according to the bible) for it to be presented, and even then, it was another 1600 years until people were even able to start actually READING this so called holy book? So everyone that was born and died in the first 75% of the years of human existence were told a bunch of bullshit, but now we have the REAL truth. BULLSHIT!

    25. natedog says:

      @ reboot:
      QED? Checkmate? whatever. you’re totally missing the point, and your ignorance is not helping.

      nothing PHYSICAL can exist apart from time and space. this is my point. if there is a creator, it existed in a different, non-physical ‘un-place’ and ‘un-time’.

      It’s like the internet. you cannot go into the internet, but you can react with it. we exist outside of the internet like a creator would have to exist apart from the physical world.

      and an oxymoron is a contradiction. so your clever phrase ‘…are not just oxymorons, they are contradictions.’ is stupid. that is like saying ‘it’s not just wet, it’s moist and damp, too.’

    26. The Matrix: Rebooted says:

      My point was: An oxymoron is seemingly self-contradictory. I was pointing out that ‘before time’ goes beyond that and is actually contradictory.
      Everything that is real is physical. If something is not physical, then it is not real. God is not physical, so god is not real. QED. Its so easy it could be an SAT problem.
      ‘un-space’ and ‘un-time’ only exist in bad scifi, just like god, they are ‘un-real’.
      Your internet analogy is terribly flawed. Both you and the internet are real and part of space and time, so of course you can interact. What you need to explain is a mechanism by which something that is ‘un-physical’ can interact with something physical. Good luck with that, Descartes couldn’t do it, I doubt you can.
      Confusing metaphor and reality seems to be systematic flaw in your thinking.
      And you still haven’t addressed Russell’s Teapot, Paradox of Omnipotence, or Epicurus. Game, set, match.
      I don’t expect you to admit, “hey reboot, you have a good point. I don’t believe in God anymore. I’m going to start free-basing babies.” But you should realize that if you continue to believe in God, you are doing so in defiance of all logic, reason and evidence.

    27. coolghoul says:

      LOL!! reboot ended his rant with the exact definition of Faith which is the entire basis of Christianity.

    28. Smedlorificus says:

      Why the personal insults? Natedog is entitled to his (or her) opinion, as is everybody else. Atheism does not allow us to call him an idiot, and religion doesn’t give them the right to call us anything nasty either. Our information will be better received if we try to be friendly.

      But back to the attempts at evangelism:

      Natedog, do you believe in evolution at any level? I read a report which demonstrated evolution in lizards. A predator was introduced into a habitat, which began to eat the small, ground-dwelling lizards that lived there. Over a few generations, the lizards began to change shape slightly. Some grew longer legs (to increase their ability to run away) and some grew shorter legs (to increase their ability to hide in crevices). If you won’t take my word for it, then I unfortunately cannot find the magazine I read it in. Sorry everybody. It was in an issue of New Scientist magazine at some point.

      Then there’s the peppered moth, which I doubt I need to explain, and what about the vestigial limbs of whales? The coxxyx? The resemblance of wing bones to hand bones? Why do moles have eyes, and why do flightless birds have wings?

    29. The Matrix: Rebooted says:

      good call on personal insults, it doesn’t add to the discussion. For a summary of natedog’s views on evolution this thread. He jumps in at comment 56.
      @coolghoul, you are right, that is the definition of faith. It is also the definition of insanity.

    30. natedog says:

      Main Entry: ox·y·mo·ron
      Pronunciation: \ˌäk-sē-ˈmȯr-ˌän\
      Function: noun
      Inflected Form(s): plural ox·y·mo·ra

      : a combination of contradictory or incongruous words (as cruel kindness); broadly : something (as a concept) that is made up of contradictory or incongruous elements

      you say “Everything that is real is physical. If something is not physical, then it is not real. ”

      what about consciousness?
      what about an idea?

      i can think of an apple, but that’s not an apple, it’s an idea. the apple in my mind can not be measured in any physical way, but that does not mean my idea is not real.

      thoughts can and have sparked many a movement.

      is honor not real? what about justice? what about love? do these things not have a non-physical component?

      in his book ‘the mysterious universe’ sir james jeans wrote that our stream of scientific knowledge is heading towards a non-mechanical reality; he wrote that the universe looked to him more like a great thought than a great machine.

      one of the passages in the book really stuck out to me. (i am paraphrasing here) he contemplated a poet writing about a sunset. he visualized a chain of events (a,b,c…x,y,z) starting with a photon (a) leaving the sun, (b) traveling through space, (c) hitting our atmosphere,… all the way to the end of the chain where the photon hits the eye of the poet, causing the chain reaction of events involving the various parts of the eye and nervous system and arm, hand, & fingers (j,k,l,m, etc), culminating in the pencil moving across the paper as the poem is being composed (…x,y,z).

      his point was that the beginning of the chain and the end of the chain must share some common intrinsic value that is connects all the links. link (a) must share some basic elements with link (b) and (c) all the way down to (z). and he believed that the universe was based in thought (which is apparently not real) and NOT matter (which is real).

      he thought the universe existed as thought in the mind of a supernatural being.

      Jeans also believed that that quantum mechanical waves and fields could be responsible for consciousness.

      now this is not little ol’ natedog, but James Jeans, one of the forefathers that helped usher in the Quantum Era.

      anyway. all the great minds and scientists have written about the mysticism of the universe. all the greats were interested in the part of reality that is not made up of atoms.

    31. The Matrix: Rebooted says:

      what about consciousness? philosophical question, but probably not real. If it is real, then its a biochemical process, very physical.
      what about an idea? Also a biochemical process.
      is honor not real? not real.
      what about justice? definitely not real.
      what about love? biochemical process.

      You’re making an argument from authority.
      Who cares what Sir James Jeans thought? He was wrong about solar system formation, he was wrong about steady state cosmology. There is no reason to think he was automatically right about God. Smart guys are wrong about a lot things. Newton believed in Alchemy. Schockley believed in eugenics.

    32. natedog says:

      Reboot: “if you continue to believe in God, you are doing so in defiance of all logic, reason and evidence.”

      you sound like hitler’s sidekick. people can have faith without being insane.

      and Smedlo: i never said things don’t evolve. things change, it’s obvious. but as far as explaining the origin of life out of non-life, evolution falls short.

      anyway, to clarify my point, here is an excerpt from the book “The Raw Shark Texts” by Steven Hall. this passage shows the power of words and how observation and thought can create whole worlds. It scratches the surface of the fact that the universe is a universe based in thought, existing in the mind of the creator:


      Imagine you’re in a rowing boat on a lake.

      It’s summer, early morning. That time when the sun hasn’t quite broken free of the landscape and long, projected shadows tigerstripe the light. The rays are warm on your skin as you drift through them, but in the shadows the air is still cold, greyness holding onto the undersides and edges wherever it can.

      A low clinging breeze comes and goes, racing ripples across the water and gently rocking you and your boat as you float in yin-yang slices of morning. Birds are singing. It’s a sharp, clear sound, clean without the humming backing track of a day well underway. There’s the occasional sound of wind in leaves and the occasional slap-splash of a larger wavelet breaking on the side of your boat, but nothing else.

      You reach over the side and feel the shock of the water, the steady bob of the lake’s movement playing up and down your knuckles in a rhythm of cold. You pull your arm back; you enjoy the after-ache in your fingers. Holding out your hand, you close your eyes and feel the tiny physics of gravity and resistance as the liquid routes across your skin, builds itself into droplets of the required weight, then falls, each drop ending with an audible tap.

      Now, right on that tap – stop. Stop imagining. Here’s the real game. Here’s what’s obvious and wonderful and terrible all at the same time: the lake in my head, the lake I was imagining, has JUST BECOME THE LAKE IN YOUR HEAD. It doesn’t matter if you never know me, or never know anything about me. I could be dead, I could have been dead a hundred years before you were even born and still – think about this carefully, think past the obvious sense of it to the huge and amazing miracle hiding inside – the lake in my head has become the lake in your head.

      Behind or inside or through the two hundred and eighteen words that made up my description, behind or inside or through those nine hundred and sixty-nine letters, there is some kind of flow. A purely conceptual stream with no mass or weight or matter and no ties to gravity or time, a stream that can only be seen if you choose to look at it from the precise angle we are looking from now, but there, nevertheless, a stream flowing directly from my imaginary lake to yours.

    33. Alec Dalek says:

      natedog: dude, hitler was christian.

    34. Goldfinger says:

      Well, he was baptized. Causing the death of 55 million people is not the exact answer to the question “What would Jesus do?” 😉

    35. natedog says:


      i could say i was a horse, but does that make me a horse?

      Name me one thing that Hitler did that could be considered something Jesus taught?

      people put all this shit on jesus, such as the Crusades and pedophile priests and corrupt politicians, like it is his fault or something.

      geez. reboot asked “If God created everything, who created God?”, and i just tried to put my 2 cents in. if you people don’t want anyone to try and answer it, dont ask.

      or at least don’t be such a dick about it.

    36. Smedlorificus says:

      The apple in your head is not real. Your thoughts are. They consist of electrical impulses running through your brain. Honour, love and justice only exist as electrical impulses and hormones. Perhaps eventually, a machine will be devised that can see the apple in your brain, but for now Magnetic Resonance Imaging can do a fairly good job of seeing what “goes on” when you think about that apple. The electrical signals are physically real, and as far as I’m concerned that is all they are: cunningly interpreted signals. I can’t see how the photon’s journey, and it’s Rube Goldberg effect on poetry, is non-physical at all. The photon is created physically, flies physically, hits the poet physically, and causes the light receptors (I don’t know if this can happen with only one photon, but the number is irrelevant) in our poet to send signals to his visual cortex, also in a physical manner. Bill the poet then uses physical components and real electricity to think about what he sees and then writes his poem without ever once leaving the real world. It’s happened in a mechanical way, with physical things interacting with one another and with no supernatural entities at all. James Jeans is entitled to think about mysticism, but though I respect his work I must disagree with his “mind of God” hypothesis.

    37. The Matrix: Rebooted says:

      Hitler’s sidekick??

      “the lake in my head, the lake I was imagining, has JUST BECOME THE LAKE IN YOUR HEAD”
      So wrong. what was in the background of his lake? what kind of boat was he in? how far away from the shore was he? I guarantee that the image in my mind and the image in the author’s mind were entirely different, conditioned by our experiences.

      Is there any other trite new age crap that you would like for me to shoot down for you?

      “geez. reboot asked “If God created everything, who created God?”, and i just tried to put my 2 cents in. if you people don’t want anyone to try and answer it, dont ask.”
      I was only answering your question “so is there any proof that god doest NOT exist?” And I’ve really tried not to be a dick about it, even though you’ve called me ignorant and Hitler’s sidekick.

    38. Alec Dalek says:

      natedog: nice try, but that’s what’s called the “No true Scotsman” fallacy. The fact remains, he was christian, not just before the war, but until his death. Why else do you think he wanted to kill all the Jews? And he got all his ideas about killing the Jews from reading the writings of Martin Luther (and don’t even TRY to say ML isn’t christian). Yes, the man that started practically every non-catholic christian religion, called for the extermination of the Jews, and it was the faithful hitler that answered the call.

    39. Smedlorificus says:


      Also covers that lake as far as I’m concerened.

      Jesus was quite a nice chap, but Christianity has caused lots of nastiness in its time.

      Hitler wasn’t really a christian. He followed some sort of strange, German mysticism, mixed with a generous dollop of good old lunacy.

    40. Alec Dalek says:

      Actually Hitler rejected all the crazy nazi mysticism and occultism. He favoured a nazi form of christianity called “Positive Christianity”.

    41. The Matrix: Rebooted says:

      If Hitler wasn’t Christian then why was he always trying to get the Ark of the Covenant or the Holy Grail?

    42. Smedlorificus says:

      I stand corrected. But how did he get around the whole “Jesus = Jew” thing?

    43. natedog says:

      Jesus came first to the Jews. Jesus was a Jew. nothing about Jesus is not Jewish.

      if Martin Luther or Hitler or anyone else tries to kill people in the name of Jesus, this does not make him a christian.

    44. Alec Dalek says:

      I know, crazy, eh? I think they view Jesus as being a non-jew born to a jew. But hey, whatever gets you through the night.

    45. Alec Dalek says:

      If Hitler and Martin Luther aren’t christian, what are they? Certainly not athiest, muslim, jewish, or hindu. By your logic (or lack thereof) anyone that commits a “sin” is not christian. But then Jesus told his followers they all had to sell everything they owned and give it to the poor before they could follow him. But christians are excellant and ignoring anything they don’t agree with.

    46. Goldfinger says:

      Now that’s some theory that calls for proof.
      So Luther was anti-semitic. Hitler was anti-semitic, too. What exactly makes you think Hitler got this from the work of Luther? By the end of the 19th century, anti-semitism was a social issue that had nothing to with the church anymore, because the church had lost most of it’s influence during the process of secularization that started in the 17th century.
      Fact is that the Nazis replaced many christian rites and even lyrics with pseudo-pagan or at least non-christian ones.
      Hitler never used christianity as an argument!
      The strange urge to kill all the Jews is by the way not a phenomenon limited to christians. It affects other religions and even atheists as well.

      BTW: The Great Schism that separated the Roman from the Orthodox Church was in 1054, which is 429 years before the birth of Luther. And if i recall correctly, the Orthodox Church is still one of the most important christian churches.

    47. The Matrix: Rebooted says:

      Hitler was trying to kill all the Jews. Jesus was a Jew and was killed. So there is some consistency there.
      Jesus is even a role-model since he was killed voluntarily.

    48. Smedlorificus says:

      I think that “being a Christian” is a completely internal thing. If you think Jesus is God, you are a Christian.

    49. Alec Dalek says:

      Right, there is no way hitler could possibly known about Martin Luther, since hitler was born after the 19th century (actually he was born in the 19th century, and fought in WWI). If only Martin Luther had written down his thoughts, in some language similar to hitlers. Seriously, I’m having a really hard time trying to think of a single athiest or non-christian that called for the extermination of the jews (at least not any that might live in a shack in Montana). Why would an athiest want the jews exterminated? Makes no sense. It’s the christians that have used anti-semitism throughout history to boost their own numbers. Ever heard of “The Passion”. It wasn’t always a movie by some crazy guy.

    50. Alec Dalek says:

      Now maybe if the Jews were to kill Richard Dawkins, you’d have a few anti-semitic athiests. But as it is, athiests mainly hate christians.

    51. TrikYodz says:

      on the otherhand i LOVE this tedious entertaining convorsation
      aithests bitch
      then some other people make sense back at them

      i think thats the pattern

      how the fuck did this go to martin luther and Hitler
      wtf guys !

    52. Smedlorificus says:

      Atheists shouldn’t mainly hate Christians. I personally have an almost equal mild dislike for every religion. Buddhism gets let off a few unpleasant points for not really believing in anything specific. Some buddhist sects are atheistic, are they not?

    53. Alec Dalek says:

      There are no creator gods in Buddhism. It’s technically not a religion, but more of a lifestyle or “way”. But there are some Buddhists that treat it like a religion.

    54. Smedlorificus says:

      TrikYodz, please do not turn this pleasantly warm debate into a flamewar. From the atheist point of view, the religious people “bitch” and the atheists “make sense back at them”. The fun of the thing is that both sides think the other is stupid and refuses to see the obvious.

    55. Goldfinger says:

      You’re making no sense. Period. Go read a history book. Of course Hitler and Luther both spoke (and wrote) german, but Luther DID NOT INVENT ANTI-SEMITISM!!! Following your line of argument, Hitler got his anti-semitism from the apostle Paul!
      And for the last time: Anti-semitism is not a matter of religion. Those people are not anti-jews, they’re anti-semitists. Go figure.

    56. Smedlorificus says:

      Though Martin Luther did not invent antisemitism, many believe that Hitler was influenced by Martin Luther’s essay, “On the Jews and their Lies”. Of course, one book alone didn’t make him into a genocidal lunatic, but it still had an affect on him.

    57. Alec Dalek says:

      I’m making no sense? When did I say ML invented anything, other than the protestant movement. So I ask again, if you’re not christian, what possible reason would you have to hate the jews?

    58. Smedlorificus says:

      Because they lend money, and you owe them a punitive amount of interest?

    59. Goldfinger says:

      Read a good book about Hitler. As a historian, I recommend the biography by Joachim Fest. Read about his motivation and arguments. You will see that he never argued as a christian. His reasons are representative for the European anti-semitism in the 19th and 20th century, because that is what mainly influenced him.

      I know that essay. And while it may have influenced Hitler, it does not influence my opinion about Jews. For I come from a completely different social background. Hitler already had an anti-semitic predisposition caused by his social background in Vienna, Munich and WWI. Fertile ground, btw, for such things as the stab-in-the-back legend.

    60. knogoodidleft says:

      Well If there is a god…who cares? do you know how long humans have been on earth? some scientists say 1.7 MILLION times earth went around our weak sauce excuse for a sun 365.26 times. <—holy fuck, dinosaurs have been estimated to lived on earth for 160+ million years, and then some scientist guesstimate the earth is 4.5 BILLION years old. (and I don’t give a fuck what anybody says, we don’t and will never know how old the earth truly is)

      My point is… If there is a god, we would be a bat of an eyelash (assuming god has a human semblance) to god.

      go pray to your god. best scenario is you get a game like “+1 LIFE” blip above your head that makes some dinging sound and you live forever in the clouds, or wherever the fuck you go. Ever hear the saying that anything this good must be a scam? In my life experiences this saying is true

    61. knogoodidleft says:

      heh, reading it now I sounded angry, prob cause I blew a subwoofer today 🙁

      Any who I got bored and went searching for a new movie to watch, and the damn tokyo drift stopped at 20mins and then i found this :

      only 20 mins in now, so far its okay I guess, I’m digging the soundtrack too.
      If you got an hour check it out.

    62. Alec Dalek says:

      I don’t think you can prove there is a god, but I also think you can’t prove there isn’t. Personally, I think it would be awesome if there really was a god. But so far all the “holy” books supposedly written by god, have disappointed. Too many obvious mistakes and biases. If god does exist, I think they’d be much more impressed by someone trying to determine if they really exist than by blind, unquestioning faith. We have brains, so why not use them?

    63. Smedlorificus says:

      It could be cool if there was a nice God. One who was beneficial in a lazy sort of way, but who made his presence felt in a more obvious way. I want mountain ranges in the shape of His signature, dammit!

    64. Smedlorificus says:

      @Goldfinger: while said essay does not influence your opinion about Jews significantly, it possibly did strengthen Hitler’s opinon. Of course it was mostly his social background that influenced him, but it may have turned him from a racist bastard into a bigger racist bastard. Apparently, according to that somewhat spurious psychiatric report the Americans did on him, he thought all Jews had syphallis. I must read Mein Kampf at some point, to see what he really thought about stuff. Apparently Esperanto was part of the Zionist conspiracy to rule us all.

    65. Goldfinger says:

      The guy didn’t only have racial issues anyway. The guy was crackers. What’s important is the political use he and his “inner circle” put to the common racism, revanchism, nationalism and anti-semitism in germany at that time. There were many jews who were ignored by faking their papers, for example Richard Strauss (jr.) who had a jewish grandfather and was a jew according to the Nuremberg laws. But he also was one of the most popular componists at the time so they just made him aryan. And he’s only one of many many examples. The Third Reich and what happened back then is everything but easy to explain.

    66. Alec Dalek says:

      The problem with hitler wasn’t that he was crazy. It was that he started out sane, but slowly, gradually, went crazy.

    67. Smedlorificus says:

      Hooray for shellshock!

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