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I’ve been meaning to watch this series, is it any good?

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    I’d say, it’s pretty fun.


    The first three seasons were pretty funny, but the episodes are only half an hour (actual length shorter) so you can watch pretty much all three seasons on a weekend. Nancy Botwin (Mary Louise Parker) really pisses me off at the end of season 3 (you can sort of see her problem throughout all three seasons, but at the end of the third is my breaking point) where she just delays her problems, pushes them away, and lets them build until they all pile up on her, never solving any of them. Mary Kate Olsen has a 5 episode or… Read more »

    Phantom Moogle

    Wait, you’re still deciding to watch it or not? Go and do it, NOW!


    Yeah, I could swear I said that very same thing on an earlier post, and I don’t post on many (if any) other sites, so it musta been right hurr.

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