Car, Bus, Bycicle

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Amount of space required to transport the same number of passengers by car, bus or bycicle

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    Luke Magnifico

    From here, looks like you need less space to use the bus.


    if a bus carries 45 pax and an average car carries 5 – that would only make 9 cars – an average bicyle 45.. the bus contributes more immissions than 78 vehicles…sorry bus doesn’t carry 78 only the environmental are better than buses. Bicycle wins overall


    benny, a commuter bus capacity is about 70 people.

    One can argue that the image is biased since it compares the maximum capacity of a bus to the average used capacity of the car. But then again, the maximum capacity of the bus is always available for commuters (the buses I use for commuting are usually packed), while the maximum capacity of a private car is never available (hitch hiking is usually illegal, car pooling is a closed process).

    You also seem to be blindfolded by the emission trend. It is much easier to replace 1 bus with one that uses natural gas or non-fossile fuels than it is to make 45 car owners to buy a new more expensive car. If you remove the 45 cars from traffic, there is more space for people to live and the rest of the traffic spends less time idling their engines in gridlock (less emissions). There would be less traffic accidents and less traffic noise. The city would be quite a lot more pleasant if you removed the excess cars.

    Bikes rule. Start congestion pricing now.


    Yeah, but bikes are slow, and the bus will never be as fun to drive…


    phyreblade, driving in the car advertisement world may be fun, but most people in this world live in urban areas where driving consists mostly of waiting in line for a traffic light to change.

    Bikes are pretty fast in the city, when compared to other modes of transportation. It just takes balls.


    interesting thought that the car image is show from much closer up than the bus and bicycle ones and hence looks like it they take up more room.

    purple banana

    The spelling of bicycle… Did anyone else notice this?


    I stopped driving partly because of this. I ride my bike everywhere.

    Can’t wait for fuel cell car prices to come down!

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