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payable to the bearer on demand as authorized by law

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    I’d like to have about… ten of those.

    *fires up his printer*

    Han Solo: “This is not gonna work…”


    W.W. = 66 in kabalism = Woodrow Wilson

    Ironic putting the man who helped loot all the Gold Reserves in America on a piece of real currency. Note the bill doesn’t have the words “Federal Reserve” written anywhere. Ahh, those were days back when the Zionists hadn’t taken over America yet.


    ei = uid 3896 = youre a retarded cunt


    Is that Wilson as in the neighbour from home improvement? so that’s what’s behind the fence! GOLD!


    it’s slavery through economics called usuary developed by Venetian Jews during the Crusades, funny how fiat works…I don’t think it’s just the Zionists, there’s probably something more powerful behind them like the Vatican, the Queen or Aliens.


    Yeah I’ve heard allot about the federal reserve not actually being owned by the government. IT’s actually owned by private banks who print the currency and decide what inflation will be. ILLUMINATI is right, Wilson did sign the bill allowing bankers to take control of the reserve and at the same time all of America’s gold. There’s a memo that was latter written by Wilson saying that he regretted ever letting the bankers seize power like that. Essentially over America. Who else but corporate interests fund the candidates in elections ?


    this is what the Civil War in America was really about, Northern Federalist Bankers vs. Southern Anti-Federalist (State’s Rights) Farmers, it had nothing to do with Slavery. America was last to fall, it started in Russia and moved West. One European country after another fell to the Jewish takeover. It’s really ironic that after the Zionists took over Germany their Jewish spy Hitler faked the Holocaust so the Zionists could steal Palestine.


    maybe explains why the smallest Holocaust in history gets all the attention


    a couple million is still a pretty big number for a group of people though =/ but I agree , they do make a big deal out of that one Holocaust. It’s like in any debate. ANY time some one has an argument about what Israel is doing, They pull out the holocause wild card to try and shut ppl up. I’m sick of hearing about it, yes it was awe full but it happened 50 years ago. Not to mention , we have Holocaust happening NOW that haven’t been solved and demand media attention. Look at Darfur, 4 years and that place is still fucked up. But then again it’s Africa… no one seems to care about that place anymore. DID I mention that Isreal is OCCUPYING land that isnt there’s. seems like the western media ignores this fact…


    The Conquistadors killed many.

    the Native American Indians by European settlers

    I’ve even seen the Native Americans had committed genocide when they crossed the land bridge to Alaska from Asia killing South Americans.

    Africans throughout the last 2,000 years atleast

    The Russians was big like 30 million big

    The Chinese had a big holocaust too of 60 million

    I think those #s are correct? We never get the full truth.

    In Iraq American has probably killed several million.

    I wouldn’t doubt if somewhere in the Universe the Illuminati are committing Genocide on Extra-Terrestrials. What about the UFO holocaust, maybe?

    Thou shall always KILL.


    it’s the Illuminati’s human sacrifice

    there must be blood, suffering & fear


    The Feds pulled all bills over $100 out of circulation in the 1970s as an effort to combat counterfeiting. I think they’re still technically legal tender, but you’re supposed to surrender them.

    The $100,000 bill wasn’t ever intended for public circulation anyway… it was for inter-bank transfers back before electronic systems.


    Million Dollar bills still exist but they’re mainly used for trading between banks. However if you have one they’re legal tender and you’re not forced to surrender it. But good luck with finding it…

    As for the Federal Reserve, It’s not completely privately owned, it simply works like a bank and sells it’s shares to private investors.

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    Gold has little intrinsic value, it’s just as fiat as paper.



    For sure this bill can be used today. It’s still valid; those notes were used to transfer money between the several Fed Reserve Banks throughout the states.

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    78% of gold is used in jewelry, which is NOT a practical application. It you take away the demand as a shiny metal, its industrial value would be equivalent to copper or aluminum. The supposed value of gold is almost entirely psychological, the same as paper money.


    Precisely right. I don’t see why people are obsessed with a rock whose value is MOSTLY perceived over a piece of paper whose value is almost entirely perceived. Gee, you have a fistful of unusual rocks, and I’m supposed to be impressed? What next, diamonds?

    Commodities-backed currency constrains inflation but it also constrains growth.

    While I’m at it:
    # of depressions on Gold Standard: 1
    # of depressions off Gold Standard: 0

    That’s not to say the GS is bad. That’s to say that the GS ain’t no magic bullet.


    “Gold has little intrinsic value, it’s just as fiat as paper.”
    -Comment by reboot

    Not a big fan of the guy myself, but Hitler did some brilliant shit with labor-based currency.


    gold is the only material which lasts forever becuase it doesn’t oxidize. Most cultures ancestory believed Aliens put us here on Earth to mine Gold for our Alien Creator Gods. They needed Gold to repair their atmosphere. The Egyptians would break the atoms of Gold apart and ingest this powered to attain higher conciousness. The powder is also used as a superconductor, mono-atomic elements.



    are you talking about Sniffing Gold to reach higher conciousness? well count me in ^^

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    “gold is the only material which lasts forever becuase it doesn’t oxidize.”
    No it isn’t. Not only does gold oxidize, but there are other element (Platinum, Palladium) that are more resistant to oxidation. Furthermore, just because a element is oxidized doesn’t mean its gone in any sense. Iron oxide still has iron, you can still re-extract it and get the nice metal.
    Keep it up with the conspiracies all you want, but when you step to chemistry, you’re going to get the smack down.


    Did you guys know that US dollar bills can’t burn? Well, the one dollar bills can, but try a twenty.


    i’ve heard Gold lasts forever, that’s why the treasure of Solomon was all on Gold, it was just a library but it put in Gold to preserve it. Well that’s what I heard about the gold. Thanks for the smack down. Platinum & Silver I have seen as monotatomic elements for sale, I guess you could snort them. As for burning a twenty, sounds like a trick, better start with a hundred dollar first.


    Goddamn you, Korinthian! You owe me twenty bucks!!!!




    I hate gold standard fanatics. Pegging your currency to something that finding depends mainly on luck means:

    1) You find a lot of gold, hyper-inflation (ie Rome directly after Caesar)

    2) You don’t find any new gold mines for a while, hoarding sets in, you either let deflation get out of control (the great depression) or start debasing gold (Rome ca. 100AD to the end, off and on during the middle ages in various places).

    Either way, you’re letting your economy rest on the 1/1000000000000000 bet that the gold supply will more or less always equal the value your currency needs to be to prevent your economy from collapsing.

    rehan khan


    ellesor nolap

    i have one of this,. but i dont know what to do,..?

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