Evil Dead 2

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When I was a kid, I’d go to the video store and look at all of the movie covers. Back then, most covers were painted, and I dug that shit. My favorite posters were the horror and science fiction. I remember looking at this cover and my child-mind blown by the awesomeness of this image.

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    Did a tree rape a women in this movie or was it Evil Dead I?


    does anyone know that there is an “Evil dead: the musical”?


    That was part I with the tree rape. Best franchise ever.


    Billy Manic

    The greatest of the three films, although I can watch Army of Darkness a lot more.


    No, this image is from Evil Dead II. Though it was more a Remake than a sequel.
    Sam Raimi needs to make something with Bruce Campbell again, and not these cute little cameo’s. Has anyone seen the few films Bruce has directed on his own? “Man with the screaming brain”, or “My name is Bruce”? Pure gold for fans of Bruce or obscure strange hilarity.
    Also, Bruce Campbell’s book, “if chins could kill, confessions of a b movie actor.” is brilliant. You can imagine him reading the whole thing aloud in that cheezy ham voice of his.

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