The Star Wars Saga


[edited 12-15-2007: here’s the source]

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    cool poster, i like the merge of pre-pwned vader and post-pwned vader in the center of it


    LOL “pre-pwned and post-pwned vader” LOL Nice. Very aptly put.

    Actually the whole poster appears to be split between the first three and the last three episodes. Which makes sense.



    just noticed something disturbing about this poster.. no old obi-wan.. that’s a huge chunk missing right there


    The most disturbing part to me is Jar-Jar on the bottom left. He still makes me shudder.

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    If Episode 1 had been the first movie actually released of the series there would not have been 2 – 6.


    There’s an ewok.


    They’ve got an ewok, noname Red Leader (who DIED), Jar fucking Jar Binks, but no Alec Guiness. W…T…F!!! It’s as much a travesty as episodes 1-3.

    Fuck you too George Lucas.

    You and Stan Lee can go eat pudding while brokebacking.


    the noname Red Leader is Zev Senesca, the most diturbing thing about him, and the picture, is that he is there instead of Wedge Antilles, the only non main character to be in all three orginal films, and he destroyed the second death star, also being the only pilot to face both and live. Also founded rogue squadron. his omition alone is grounds of the picture to be taken from this plane, and any other for that matter.


    ps Zev was Rouge Two in the battle of hoth


    wrong font used,

    should be Trajan Pro for the titles, unless lucas did some re-branding im not aware of.


    wtf, also blue text on top should be Helvetica or similar.

    u could possibly excuse the titles but the blue text NO WAY.

    David Murago Dzevhe

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