Syler Mugshot




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    Syler was a great villian. How many others steal super powers by cutting open other peoples heads and taking their brains? And he’s crazy. The only bad guy cooler than him is the Joker.


    His monologue with Alejandro showed how evil he is. I was even scared. And he delivers his lines so well, I don’t think I can ever see him as a good guy anymore (Spock).


    See, this is actually a pic from the new Star Trek movie. It turns out Spock was a misguided child who grew up in an orphanage. Only after he met a guy who he could follow unnoticed in his huge shadow (Kirk), did he finally turn away from a life of hookers and blow.

    It doesn’t look like him because.. uhmm .. Vulcans don’t grow their ear-points till they lose their virginity.. which is how the movie ends.

    Sorry for the spoilers.


    And here I thought he was one of the characters on that stupid “Caveman” show.

    He IS a good villain tho…


    Slyar is the shit. And for the love god start using the goddamn A. SylAr


    If you’re gonna be talking about spelling Sylar’s name right, might as well start doing so yourself RSIxidor =P. He’s the shit though, I gotta say… 20 bucks says he kills Adam, who’s apparently the true (?) badass of the show.


    There’s got to be more to Mr. Monroe than just regeneration. He’s gotta have some bad ass manipulative ability, or something. Or maybe he’s just straight up manipulative.

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