Soldering Machine


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    The Matrix: Rebooted

    Well, its a soldering iron. Kind of weird to call it a machine since it has no moving parts.


    Well, that one does have moving parts such as the switch and the dial. and a simple soldering iron is usually just the iron with an electrical cord.


    OK, so it has a switch, a thermostat and a stand.

    It’s a glorified soldering iron.


    In effect, Athos, that’s what it is… But it isn’t a machine as it doesn’t have any moving parts that move under it’s power. YOU have to flip the switch and YOU have to crank the dial….then….nothing else moves. So, it’s not a machine.



    if u keep getting technical with it, the part of the soldering iron that actually melts the solder moves faster under its own power, at the molecular level


    um isn’t a screw a simple machine? (inclined plane) or a lever? ware are the moving parts there?


    wow…how amazing…a soldering gun…never seen of of these before…

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