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    I hate it when people quote the Bible. You cannot honestly tell me that the Bible is the Word of God. I can just imagine a bunch of bishops sitting around the table going “No no no…this sounds much better!”


    lol next time somebody quotes the bible tell them to shut up, and check a library, the holy bible is listed under Fantasy/Fiction, while other books ABOUT the bible are under Non-fiction then religion


    There’s no doubt The Bible had ideas from its authors in it. Which is why I just interpret the general message of it, and not word for word. Quoting scripture is a dumb idea.

    T G Geko

    wtf, why cant I see a close up of it? But quoting the bible is okay when its about ethics and religion.

    I just wish that people would figure it out that:
    Religion is for ethics and the spiritual and has no place in the physical world
    Science is for the physical world and has no place in ethics or the spiritual


    People who take the bible literally are hilarious. Taking a translation literally is fucking retarded. Anyone who speaks another language will tell you that while general ideas can be conveyed, specific meaning is impossible to translate. That goes about x 1000 when you’re dealing with ancient languages spoken by ancient cultures. Not only that, but bible translations are usually done with the constant consultation of other translations, as there are all kinds of instances where the meaning is unclear, and there are no more ancient greeks or ancient hebrews around to ask for help. There are many instances in the… Read more »


    Deuteronomy 25:11-12 “When men strive together one with another, and the wife of the one draweth near for to deliver her husband out of the hand of him that smiteth him, and putteth forth her hand, and taketh him by the secrets, then thou shalt cut off her hand, thine eye shall not pity her.” If we’re going by the word of the bible, then any time two guys get into a fight and someone’s wife grabs her husband’s opponent by the balls, you must cut off her hand without mercy. Yeah, we should definitely live our lives around this… Read more »


    I thought this was an ad and didn’t bother to look at seriously.


    Caio’s information is mostly correct. Most bibles do base their translation work off of other (poorly translated) translations. However, knowledge of Hebrew and Koine is quite good even in our time. Dig: Hebrews were a mostly literate people in ancient times. Their language was and is very slow to change because of this. The Jews carry on the same tradition today of instructing the language of their people. So, modern knowledge of Hebrew is quite good. (But as Caio brought, out many translate according to a tradition or their personal ecclesiology, rather then what the text says.) Info about Koine… Read more »

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    “Many people who believe that the bible is not the word of God have never studied it. These are idiots for simply believing what they were told without doing any REAL research.” Caio, I appreciate your informed commentary and agree with most of it, but the above quote is kind of a weird opinion. There are literally hundreds of religious texts in the world. The safe null hypothesis is that none of them are Truth, with a capital T. A person is not an idiot just because they haven’t studied every single religious text to determine if it is the… Read more »


    It must be tough being an under-appreciated scholar there, EvilDon. I agree that most people who espouse the bible as infallible truth don’t know it too well. However, there are a good number of people who do know it well, yet pick and choose what they wish to follow and how to interpret it. I, for one, was a devout Christian for a long time before I could no longer support the dichotomy in my mind between logic and faith, and can tell you that the old testament is regarded in many circles as an integral part of the bible.… Read more »


    Let me say this as far as this topic is concerned. Catholics are screwed up. They got it all wrong. I am a Christian meaning I believe in what the Bible says and, more importantly, I have taken Jesus Christ as my personal savior. Catholics are NOT true Christians. Why? Because they believe the works can get you into heaven. Wrong! That’s not what the Bible says. That was added by the Pope and his cronies. Also, the Bible doesn’t say anything about masturbation being a sin. Not one place. This too was another item added to the Bible by… Read more »


    @... reboot Actually I have studied Hinduism (albeit a small amount, btw, Chukwa is my friend) and teh Mormonz(Young and Smith make me giggle) . But that is beside the point. I was point to the fact that most people simply believe what they are told, for no other reason, they were told, so they believe. And as you said “The burden of proof is on the believers”. Which is why I said “worse then the former group”, they do not care to prove or even support anything (well, perhaps only a couple things) they believe from the book they… Read more »


    “The Bible is NOT meant to be taken litterally you fools.”

    “I believe in what the Bible says” (I just don’t believe it is real). I had to add to that statement to make them agree with each other.

    tiki god



    Logic and Science are all I have. **Cuddles with logic and science**


    Uh, EvilDon, you got your dates wrong. Deuteronomy is considered (by all modern critics) to have been written sometime in the 7th century BCE. By somebody that wasn’t Moses.

    This would be a similar situation to the 4 Gospels, which were written anywhere from 40-90 years after Jesus died.

    There is the Book of Q, that could quite possibly be Jesus’s own words, but that’s not in the Bible (comprehensively or in context).


    @... natakamus I was going by what the bible says. That the book was written by Moses just before the Jews went in to Canaan. Though, I personally doubt the “critics”. Simply because from a historical standpoint the bible is pretty much spot on (for example, see: Nineveh and Belshazzar). And during the reign of Hezekiah the law that Moses wrote was found (again according to the bible). Though, the people then may have not been as scientifically advanced, I think the king could tell the difference between a new scroll and a 800 year old one. Interesting points are… Read more »


    Oh and the book of Q was written by John DeLance.


    @EvilDon Buddy, I like ya in the vague sense of trying to point out the fallacies of using the Bible as a literal guide to the universe, but you need to get over your over inflated sense of self. A) I’m an atheist. Hardcore. I used to rally against the church before I calmed down and took a stance of tolerance without pushing belief, except when approached through logical discourse. B) It is ridiculous that people use the bible as a basis for their lives, yet know very little about it. Never disagreed with you on that fact. I was… Read more »


    @... Paul_Is_Drunk A-C . ok then. 😀 In the letter to the Romans Paul does mention “implied human law”. But a great deal is about the Mosiac law and what you mentioned as well. Why do I say Mosiac law? Talking about the covenant with Abraham and circumcision and whatnot is part of the human law (laws of the land) makes no sense. Applying it to the Mosaic law does. If I understood you correctly. “Is it being under grace and not law that you refer to in Romans 6:14?” Righty. Grace which was shown by the sacrifice and so… Read more »


    *hearty handshake*

    Good discourse, sir.


    teeheehee Sentiment returned. 🙂

    tiki god

    what the fuck? civilized discourse on my MCS? This is a truely sad day!

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