Presidency 101 Global Test


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    Robbie Rotten


    Jackson Browne

    In twelve years weapons inspectors were in Iraq Saddam violated 16 U.N. Security Council resolutions and failed to prove that he had disarmed. Weapons inspectors found that Saddam had drones that could be used for spreading biological agents to be used in germ warfare. According to the Duefler report there were informants working in UNSCOM and UNSMOVIC that would tell Iraqi officials which sites were to be inspected next. Numerous intelligence agencies told us that Saddam had his own WMD program and this coupled with Saddam’s failure to comply with U.N. resolutions 1441 and 1442 made lead to the decision… Read more »


    You Fuck. You say “In the 1980s Saddam used WMD against his own people (poison gas) killing hundreds of thousands of Kurds.” I agree. Now, answer, where did he aquire this gas. Also, site your sources for your info.


    In twelve years weapons inspectors…Blah, Blah, Bushco talking point, Neo-con talking point, Blah, Blah and Blah

    This is all bullshit, and some pretty heavy duty Wingnut, kool-aid drinking Bullshit at that. Thank you. That is all.