Trollface Sister at a party

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    This is pretty f*cked up, even for the normal bunch of liberal, Obama’s balls licking, douche-bag f*cks that troll this site. Tiki, you need to take all of these down before this poor girl finds out about her picture being defamed on the internet, and sues the hell out of you (the site admin), your I.S.P., as well as anyone who made disparaging remarks about her. This is borderline slander and will get a bunch of people sued in one of those activist judge ran courts that you libs love so much. Tiki, I’m not ripping on you so please… Read more »


    this just got funny


    that is one ugly ass-looking bitch


    Nice combo – trollface and duckface in one picture


    Enough already. I don’t think laughing at some kid is all that funny. She’s not even that bad – and plus, according to all the pictures that have been on this site, she has more friends than (probably) all of us. So, who’s the joke here?