Squirrel Girl Sketch


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    Howie Feltersnatch

    My 750 fps air rifle with hollow-point lead pellets does a fine job schwacking squirrels. (Fuzzy bastards keep invading my backyard). I expect I could take out Squirrel Girl with it too.

    tiki god

    you bastard, don’t kill her before you fuck her, that’s sick.

    unless you’re into that kind of thing, then go ahead.


    Ahh….Agri-Snuff….it’s in old art.


    Did she just crapped out a squirrel?

    t. durden

    She keeps one in her cooch for good measure…


    RULE 34, DEPLOY!

    Oh, shit, someone made that joke before me but more eloquently 🙁


    I’ve always had a thing for Squirrel Girl. She’s like the less sadistic female version fo Janitor from Scrubs. They should mate, and they’re army of squirrels would rock nuts.

    Ha-HA! Double Entendre!


    Demo, did you see the episode where he reveals his congress of stuffed squirrels he keeps in his garage? F’ing creepy.

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