superman lifting cars

superman lifting cars

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    sir lancesome

    I propose the forced induction of comic book artists in auto mechanics and general physics.
    Its not the flying man lifting two cars that I’m concerned about, its the fact that he’s holding the car by the plastic bumper that you can break by sitting on that bothers me.


    Yeah, that bothered me too. But the explanation goes along the same lines of why Superman doesn’t end up naked every time someone uses a flamethrower on him. Essentially, if we were playing by real physical rules, he couldn’t lift anything big because in order to “lift” something, you need to apply a force greater than its weight, and Superman would be applying such force to a part of the object the size of his hands. If he tried to lift a whale (or even a really fat person), he’d kill it because all the pressure needed to lift it… Read more »


    This is the best explanation I have ever heard. Now this makes total sense.