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    I lose. =D


    Ok, now I’m sad. Thanks man. My heart cries for these guys at war. ….and to what end????? More contracts for Bush/Cheney’s friends???? WTF????


    is this a new horror movie?

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca



    pfft, I laughed.

    Makes me wanna shop his head off, and put it on the opposite end of a GIANT pencil.


    Lord Vader?


    I find humor in all sorts of fucked up shit……but not this. This is true and sad.


    It’s okay to laugh. He can’t hear you.

    Howie Feltersnatch

    Sweet zombie Jesus. They say a picture’s worth 1000 words. I don’t what’s more heartbraking: the look on the bride’s face of “I can’t believe I agreed to go through with this after all” or the aching “Will she really be able to ignore my shattered face” look on the groom. But I do hope that at 3:00 am, when the demons come, that this is the image that haunts the nightmares of Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Bremer, Petraus, and the rest. I hope it’s burned into the retinas forever. Oh yeah, I did laugh at the guy, though. What a… Read more »

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    Fuckin hell I was sure I wouldn’t laugh at anything related to this but then Ando came along and here we are.



    I agree with egnilk.

    I have a sick sense of humor but I don’t find this funny.

    I am not bashing anyone that does find this funny.


    Nope, I’m not bashing anyone either… But, I live in a Marine Corps town and it’s tough to see this picture and know that some of the guys that live near me or that I drive by every day aren’t going to come home from their deployments….or worse, come home like this poor guy.


    Things could be worse, at least he appears to have someone who loves him. But all in all it’s very sad


    This is not at all funny. Shit like this makes me feel full of fail for getting up, going to work, coming home, and watching TV while the bible-thumpin crusaders send these guys out to suffer and die for oil.


    Does it really look like she loves him anymore?



    “US Marine Ty Ziegel poses with Renee Kline before their wedding in Washington, Illinois, in July. Ziegel was severely wounded in a suicide bomb attack during his second tour of duty in Iraq. He was blinded in one eye, had a shattered skull, and most of his skin was burned off. The couple were engaged following Ziegel’s first deployment in Iraq. After Ziegel was injured, Kline lived with him for over a year while he recovered at a hospital in Texas.”


    Thanks for the background….now I’m a crying little bitch.


    C’mon guys. This is serious… He is a marine, the guy is probably packing a redwood down there. The solemn look on her face is like is the realization that she loves sex a little too much…and it may have affected her judgment. All playing aside. You can’t find a woman like that these days. That will stick by her man through and through like that. Love conquers all and I still believe in that. —Response Bible thumping crusaders? Have you seen what that man monster (Saddam) did to his own people? Educate yourself. Even if we went there for… Read more »


    Serious or not, his head still looks like an eraser. And really.. either way? I’d probably mock him. He’d tell me not to laugh, because he did it for my freedom. I’d tell him that he gave up his freedom without asking me if I wanted him to or not. And that if he was going to try and play that card, then I’d excercise my freedom to be a douche-bag, and laugh at him more. Then hope that he’d try to kick my ass for it, because I would take pride in excercising the freedoms that people I don’t… Read more »


    You have to be the biggest douche on the planet.

    I hope you get cancer in the dick.


    Is that you dressed like a zombie jesus? God your your such a scrawny little fagggot. Ethug at its finest people. This guy=total douche tool


    I am making you my perma-bitch. Prepare your self


    lol six years later shithead


    Holy shittles, I thought this was pretty funny until… I found out it wasn’t shopped. Hot damn, that isn’t funny. But, I mean hey, for all you who think it is; wherever you get your kicks, right?


    They’ll be fine.

    It was either she married him or she went back to working at McDonalds. If anything, this is a step up for her!

    What… too far?


    Tell me….have you really made these staged phone calls and gone to jail for them?

    Still living with your folks eh…


    Don’t we have a civic duty to shop his face back on in all his pics?


    Hazard, your an asshole.

    My kinda asshole.


    Kaze, your comment has lowered my opinion of you. Before now i admired your wit but that comment went too far.


    holy shit, i thought Darth Vader couldn’t live without his helmet!


    Making fun of someone who risked his life for you, and came back with disfiguring injuries is not cool at all. Whether you agree with the war or not (I’m still undecided), we’re there, and he’s following orders, and doing what he signed up for. For that I thank him.

    Sneaky Snake

    Some people give their lives for freedom…this guy gave his face.

    Sneaky Snake

    Also, I think its shopped to look gloomier, who would take a wedding picture with that lighting?


    OMFG ADMDRACONIS SADAM KILLED NELSON MANDELLA!! In all seriousness, I’m not quite sure if you can convince me that the Iraqis have it better off now, and certainly the american soldiers don’t, and the rest of you people are about the same off as before, except once in a while you see a pic on the net that gives you a brief moment for pause. When you’re rich enough to give orders, humans become toys. Bush and Chaney’s morality is shaped by such different assumptions and experiences, we could only pretend to understand it as they pretend to understand our… Read more »


    You hafta admit, this is pretty gross.


    Check out the movie THE GROUND TRUTH. This guy is in it. EVERYONE should see this movie. Sad stuff.


    I’d say “KILL IT WITH FIRE!!!” But it looks like someone already tried that.. Oh well.

    Billy Manic

    That’s fucking love right there.


    Well…i would like to point something out to all you folks out there bashing the war and demanding that all troops be pulled out. There are a lot of troops (people i know) whom, whilst not enjoying the war of course, don’t want to be pulled out. Most of them want to see this through, thats their job, this is the sort of thing they signed up for and most of them accept that. From an Aussie point of view, there are a lot of people wanting to go and do their part regardless of what they have seen and… Read more »


    Well, Wally, your friends that want to “see it through” are…idiots.


    @ Wally

    Jesus man….I don’t even have an arm chair. I have…now get this….a LEG chair.


    Truth of ht ematter is the US put Saddam in charge and supported him through his atrocities.
    His change of heart at listening to washington bullies is what made him a target. The US stills supports terrorist states. Educate Yourselves !


    Wally: Just because some white folks are kill crazy, doesn’t mean that it’s ethically justifiable. I’ll remind you that the last time some white folks went kill crazy in australia, barrels of preserved “nigger heads” became your major export for a while.


    I don’t support the troops, but i pay my taxes.

    Alexis Rose

    I read the story of this man quite a while back, its hard for me to see because the last guy I dated was a Marine, and even though we have parted ways he’s still a friend and I am always worried that this will happen. I have to support the troops, its not their fault we’re in this.


    Dear javboy,

    I’m pretty sure Kaze was not really reliant or even concerned on whether you liked him or not.

    PS. Don’t be such a right-wing whore.


    I honestly don’t see how you can make fun of the guy. Maybe just because I am one of the guys currently in iraq. How can you have an opinion on something you know nothing about? if you *think* you know whats *really* going on, where are you getting your information from? most comments on the war are by people who have never been there and pretty much uneducated about the whole thing. i would be willing to bet they would be the ones to try to dodge a draft too. If you wont stand behind the soldiers, feel free… Read more »

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    “How can you have an opinion on something you know nothing about?” The same way you can have an opinion about slavery or the space program despite not having been a slave or having gone to the moon. “If you wont stand behind the soldiers, feel free to stand in front of em.” This is the kind of thing that pisses people off about the US military. You’re basically saying, “Support ME or I will shoot you”,right? And when the US is sending that same message to the whole world, you wonder why they fight back. You know, there are… Read more »


    If you wont stand behind the soldiers, feel free to stand in front of em.

    Can’t stand the fact that even though you would die for someone, that someone never gave a damn about you, huh?

    I can laugh at that guy because he went with his mentality of “oooh im gonna defend peepz” and he gets blown up by some random asshole. And at the end of the day, he didn’t defend anyone except his ideal of playing “hero”. Which, needless to say, nobody asked him to play.


    Yeah, those crab fisherman got it pretty tough. But if they didn’t do their job, then you just don’t get any crab. Soldiers got it pretty tough too. Not as dangerous as crab fisherman though. However, if the soldiers didn’t do their jobs, what happens then? Crab fisherman can say screw it. Soldiers can too, but the penalties of doing so would have a lot more impact then a country without crab. I bet if another country invaded the US you might have a little more appreciation for the soldiers. You haven’t seen what we ARE doing here. You have… Read more »


    I just imagine them [the “enemy”] typing the same things to their families. “If you’d see me, you’d support my cause” Canada doesn’t have soldiers to the extent of USA, why? They don’t pick fights with everyone. They’re not being all “internet tough guys” to the rest of the world. If USA would stop blowing up cities everytime a bomb goes off in NY or someone puts up some ATHF brite-lites in Boston, we wouldn’t have this debate that guy wouldn’t look like Nemesis from Resident Evil. A country doesn’t need soldiers unless it’s preparing for upcoming ass-kicking sessions. Whether… Read more »

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    “I bet if another country invaded the US you might have a little more appreciation for the soldiers.”
    And I bet if giant crabs invaded the US you might have a little more appreciation for crab fisherman. But guess what? Neither of those things are going to happen, ever. Using that as a threat is a total red herring. Whatever you’re doing in the military, it has nothing to do with defending America or defending freedom. And don’t even start with “liberating Iraq” business, because it was the US that helped put Saddam in power in the first place.


    I agree with that statement to an extent. People would not need protection if there was nobody to protect them against. However, there are people out there who want to do things like fly planes into buildings and such. It is because of those people, that we need the police and the military. I am sure that the guy who blows up a car in a populated area killing several people just trying to live there lives trying to be happy believes that he did it for a good reason. I have strayed away from why I originally posted in… Read more »


    This is fucked up. His whole life is ruined.

    His GF doesn’t even want to look at him.

    Look at her face.


    Checking the wiki on him, looks like they got divorced before their 1-year anniversary:

    “CNN’s “Waging War on the VA” (Nov 17, 2007) reported that Ty and Renee separated shortly before their one-year wedding anniversary.”

    Eddge, i agree with everything you posted. Thanks for volunteering to protect all of us, even those of us that laugh at the ones that come back like Sgt. Ziegel.

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    Thanks for the follow-up, bw135. Kind of inevitable, though.


    Ron Paul will get these guys home from this bullshit war. We were lied into Iraq & Afghanistan, and all the loser fuckers running for President are so fucking covered with the blood of our troops. Fucking scurvy Pirates, every one of them. Bankrupting our nation like it’s a day at Disneyland. Except for Ron Paul. Here is a Youtube vid wherein one of our troops lays it out. my favorite point that this guy makes is that there are all these private contractors over there in Iraq, that are being funded by the US Government, i.e. the American Taxpayer… Read more »


    kaz, and all those who agree with him, need to move the fuck out of my country.


    1) It’s not yours
    2) Freedom of speech is a door that swings both ways
    3) Suck it

    8) I’m not in it, does this mean I can keep at laughing at Nemesis’ concept art specimen?


    1) It is ours, most of us (especially e-douches like you) are too scared to do anything about it.
    2) No argument on that one.
    3) Your a fucking tool, suck it


    I will say it for anyone who is afraid to. While going through some of the comments on her, I became appauled. I thought some people were pathetic and ignorant but some of you set a new standard. To all of you who said this is “pretty funny”, just remember this, that marine who is disfigured received that for you, for your first amendment right to call him what you did. He is disfigured because of defending us and our rights, defending us to keep us safe AND preventing that from becoming YOUR future. If you honestly believe that your… Read more »


    Or he joined up for the same reason most do. The money. Now he got the money, minus a face, hands, lips, hair, etc. But he still got the money.

    I’d say Mission Accomplished, soldier!

    But, seriously, in respond to your comment:

    PFFFTT, suck it.


    God your lame. Libdouchery at its finest


    It amazes me how many people could care less about people that they don’t know. I guess that’s why it amazes me even more when I come across someone who does care about someone they don’t know. I don’t know the man in the picture. Not personally. I do know that he wears the uniform of a Marine though. I don’t know the current numbers, but about 2 years ago, only about a half a percent of the US served in the military. Maybe he joined for the college money. I don’t know him so I can’t say if he… Read more »