Half-Life 2 Is Nonrealistic


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    Can someone explain to me this black people watermelon thing?


    Well Half-Life is set in the future… maybe black people are not black at all!


    Two people voted five stars for this tired racist shit? It’s not even funny. I mean, make the same joke about a white guy being offered Starbucks…it’s still lame as hell.

    Frank McColbert

    IS DAT SUM STARBUCKS? Oh fuck, I need coffee. Gimme, nao!


    I’m a white cracker milktoast geeky white dude and I don’t care for Starbucks one darned tootin bit! Damned white people, we just love our espresso!



    Ok, here goes…

    Half-Life 2’s “stunning realism” was shattered when I attempted to give a Milktoast White member of my squad a freshley brewed cup of Starbucks bold coffee which he eyed pensively, but ultimately ignored.

    There you go….digs on white people are fun!!!


    It’s because it’s half-eaten, you fool!

    Frank McColbert

    I lol’d. For three minutes.


    I’m white and I don’t like coffee! WHAT AM I?


    That makes you a RACIST!!!!!!


    Well. Somethign I DO know something about. See, my grandpappy who we’ve lovingly nickname “doc” or “papa brown” owns a farm in Georgia. I used to go there for my summers as a wee lad. Now, in ‘da durtay souf’ as the dark ones call it black people freaking LOVE watermelon. My grandpa has some watermelon crop and one year the whole thing was bought up by one black guy. We asked if it was for a graduation or a party and he said, “No, just me and my wife and kids.” and he climbed into his 55 chevy with 4 kids in that back sitting on top of 35 melons. If only I had known this would have been an internet meme, I would have snapped teh fotoz.



    That, my frickin farm friend, was a heart warming story.

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    This is the second time I’ve had to point out that JCDenton has a piss poor sense of humour and should probably stop coming here. It only seems to upset the boy.

    Seriously, are you the kind of person who burns his hand on an oven element and then 5 mins later does it again to see if it’s still hot?


    I’ve never really found the black/watermelon thing that funny. I wouldn’t call it racist though, liking a specific fruit is hardly a negative stereotype.


    You want racist?? Have a look at BET – Black Entertainment Television….or Black History Month…or the United Negro College Fund.


    Don’t you understand? If black people own it, they can call it black, and it’s out of “pride”. If white people own it, and they call it “white” then its out of “biggotry”.

    Just fill in the blanks “White entertainment television” “White history month” doesn’t that just SCREAM “equality” ?


    OOhhhh Now it makes total sense.



    The bottom line is that race related humor is FUNNY….

    By all means, post some funny cracker joke pictures or whatever. It’s ALL good.


    When did so many sensitive PC people and bible thumpers start coming to MCR? Was there simultaneously a segment on PBS and Fox News, or something?


    Seeing a floating hunk of watermelon in HL2 would make me lol all over the place regardless.


    Hepathos: I’m pretty sure that makes you an Uncle Tom.


    Am I a bad person for laughing like a maniac at that? Or am I just wierd?


    i can say the word nigger, you know why?
    white people invented the word, thats like making it illeagal for black people to eat watermelon in the first place, this is all part of the great circle of life and jcpenny needs to learn that or whatever the hell his name is
    so nigger
    and jesse jackson is not a nigger, i am more of a nigger than he is, nigger, nigger, nigger, negro, and nigger.
    i love niggers


    I recently played through Half-life 1 all the way, and in some ways it was the awesomest game ever, and in some ways it was the most piece of shit collection of jumping puzzles in the history of jumping puzzles.

    Now the critics seem to think that Half-life 2 has way less jumping puzzles and the good parts are better, and the dialogue is written by the Old Man Murray dude, which really tempts me to buy it. On the other hand, I don’t want to buy the game and find out I just bought a fuckload of jumping puzzles, because even the most realistic and well-rendered jumping puzzles are motherfucking jumping puzzles.

    Can anyone who’s played the game give me some advice?


    If you’re crap at FPS games and enjoy being dragged around on rails shooting at whatever pops up and shouts “ooga booga” then get it.
    I only got it for CS:S.

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