Never Forget…


World Trade Center 7

Never Forget… that no plane hit this building

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    tiki god

    Yeah dood, no plane hit that building!

    ps: the twin towers did though. And they’re bigger 😛


    9/11 Truth Refutation Page:

    Emergency response workers at Ground Zero realized that extensive damage to the lower south section of WTC 7 would cause collapse as early as 3 pm on 9/11, a fact reported on news broadcasts at the time.12 Video footage shows that when collapse occurred, the south wall of the building gave in first, which is exactly what we would expect based on the location of the most extensive damage.


    Is that why the news of the wtc7 falling was transmitted before it fell?



    Research, Common Sense, and News Sources Other Than Fox News: WTC 7 was constructed and owned by the same man (Larry Silverstein) who signed a lease on the entire World Trade center complex a mere 7 weeks before the attack. The same man who took out a very large insurance policy on the complex with a large chunk specifically covering terrorist attacks. Then he tried to collect on it twice claiming that each plane was a separate act of terrorism. He paid $3.2B for the lease and was awarded nearly $5B in claims – a profit of nearly $2B. Buildings… Read more »


    Get your brain dry cleaned. Quit sucking your thumb.


    Give it up friend…
    Truthiness not facts is what is listened to knowadays…
    Hit them in their pocketbooks and maybe then you’ll see the incredible evil glow from that day…but that day is way too complicated for anyone who has already formed an opinion to change.


    Yup, this one just baffles me. Also, Larry Silverstein talks about having to “pull it”….which is demolition speak for triggering the detonations that demolish something. So….he expects us to believe that in a few hours, some demo guys went in and rigged that building? What’s funny is that the coverage with him saying that has been suppressed. I’ve only seen it maybe twice. Look it up….see for yourself.

    tiki god

    Nice one M-3, but I don’t think anyone claimed it was fires alone that caused the fall of the building. In fact, I don’t think anyone’s claiming that the fires had much to do with it, other then weakening and already stressed situation.

    Also, you’re saying that that one building cost him $3.2 billion? Man, I’d love to be on the construction crew that got in on that.

    In fact, there is only 9 Billion allocated for the entire rebuild project. which includes seven different companies.

    This is all public knowledge that is easily found.


    “Pull it” is not Demolition-speak for triggering detonations. I believed it when I was first told it, too.

    Demolition Industry White Paper on WTC


    Larry Silverman said the words ‘pull it’ to a fireman. They’re generally not in the business of demolishing buildings.

    “No steel framed buildings in history before or after that day have collapsed in that fashion due to fire (regardless of its cause).”
    Only one steel frame building has previously been hit by a plane. It survived, but the plane was pretty small – I’ve made paper aeroplanes bigger that that sucker.


    can anyone refute the “BBC’s pre-emptive news” thing? I found it interesting but have no idea whether it’s true or bull.


    I don’t know about “refute” but I can offer an alternative explanation: firemen left WTC7 because (gasp!) they thought it might collapse (what?!?) and said so to a reporter, who only heard “WTC7” and “collapse”, and in a rush to be first to report it, reported it as having collapsed.


    Wow, tiki who rolled out the Jump To Conclusions Mat? I would expect better from everyone who posts on here. Don’t you read posts carefully or maybe Google some things? I said he paid that much for the lease on the ENTIRE World Trade Center COMPLEX. That’s seven buildings. A lease which took the complex out of public hands and made it privately owned. Also, I never said that the damage was caused by fire alone but we were all told that fire was the reason for collapse in all three cases. I did mention that there were buildings more… Read more »


    M-3, dude, read the link I posted. “Pull it” is not a demolition industry term for detonating explosives to bring down a building.

    What you’re being told is that fire in combination with the damage caused by planes/falling debris is the reason the buildings collapsed. Without the fire, OR without the damage, the buildings would have remained standing.


    I do appreciate the file link but I have two uncles that work in demolition who say otherwise. And as far as the damage to buildings, look at ‘after’ pics WTC 6. It stood directly next to tower one. WTC 7 was on the other side of building 6 and then across Vesey street. I mean seriously.


    I can also show you someone who survived a .45 to the head, and someone who died from a .22. The desire to distill something as complex as what happened on 9/11 to something as simplistic as 9/11 conspiracies is understandable, but it raises confirmation bias to an art form.




    cough* actual popular science, a group of people who have the skills to test this, concluded that fires caused by the world trade center ignited multiple large, diesel generators in WTC 7 used as emergency backups for power failure. The resulting blast weakened support structures for the bldg.

    What makes more sense, structural damage as a result of gas explosion, or government conspiracy.


    How do you thumbsuckers explain how the actual movies of the two planes hitting the towers were shown on nation wide TV minutes after it happened? Then re-ran from the same tape? And how do you explain to the famlies of the passengers who died on the planes (and the one in Pennsylvania) that it NEVER HAPPENED? Can I have some of the super strong shit you have been smoking?

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