Osama Uses “Just For Men”

Osama Bin Coloring His Beard...

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    Hehe, I noticed that. He died his beared for his new video :p

    Either that or it isn’t him 😮

    Alec Dalek

    That combined with the strange edits to the video makes me think he actually died a few years ago. They did think they’d got him with a Predator drone once (but couldn’t prove it). The last thing the muslims would want is for the West to know he’s dead. This way, he can never be “taken out”.


    Either that or the american’s found him and are waiting for the next election to say so, like they allegedely did with Saddam 😡


    Heh, we could try poisoning his Just For Men, Like we tried with Castro and his Delicious Chocolate Milkshakes


    The last thing the American government would want is to tell the people that they’ve killed the bogeyman.