All pump is pre pay


lol. funny.


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    I do this all the time at the message board at the super market :p


    That’s something I’d do. :p


    There was a YouTube video somewhere of a Japanese gameshow. The contestants had to say a tongue-twister..and if they failed, they got smacked in the nuts.

    Anyway, I think that’s an effective method of teaching that we should use on the youth here in America. I just can’t see, after my many years of public schooling, how ANYONE can possibly mix up “they’re,” “there,” and “their,” or “your” and “you’re,” or any of those other most basic English skills. They were drilled in to us every single year, how can you STILL get it wrong?

    Let me stop before this becomes a full-blown rant..

    Also, I realize this could be the writing of someone whose first language was not English…that’s an entirely separate rant.


    All my pump are belong to pay?
    I have no gas to survive, drive my time.


    Hi, just wondering, Shanghai Factor, what’s your fucking problem? ‘All pump is pre-pay’ might not be the Queen’s English, but could you not understand it? Try moving from country to country and learning the languages along the way sometime. You’ll see how nice it is when you’re subjected to a xenophobic rant by some (generally elderly, friendless, ugly) fucker for making a simple grammatical mistake.

    As for that pronoun stuff, it’s the well-educated who should be ashamed, not the people who mess it up. Every other major language whose spelling has become inconsistent and/or archaic over the years has had a major orthography reform, except Swedish and Italian, which aren’t nearly in as bad a state as English. Why the hell keep a shit orthography around? Does White Jesus demand it? Does bald eagle cry or Britannia lose her ancient dignity? A spelling reform would be a simple and painless process, and the result would be that foreigners have an easier time learning the language, and children have an easier time learning to read and write, so they can move on to other, more important things.


    That sounds like terrorist talk to me…

    /reports to Dubya

    beep beep

    As an Italian speaker, I will just say that Italian does not need to reform its orthography because every letter is pronounced in a word. You do not have that silent letter shit in Italian like you do in English.
    Which is why there are no spelling bees in Italy.


    Alright, I’m bored, and I’m looking for something to do at work. So here, I’ve been saying for a long time I should put a tutorial up on this so here you go. Those people that I actually talk to (which.. actually would be none of you, so never mind) can know what in the hell I’m saying.

    (Also note, this was devised primarily as a written language, not as a spoken one, which becomes apparent when the subtle differences are all but imperceivable)

    The structure behind it was devised as a more precise way to align ownership more efficiently, and its purpose was out of my desire to speak my mind, but being inhibited by the English language. It’s ultimate goal is to bypass the thought process that goes from thought, to speech, and be more as if speaking by thought.

    I’ve been randomly working on it for about the past 6 years, but the bulk of everything i have is at home, so I’m just going off memory here, since I don’t have my notes.

    My main example is the simple sentence “I love you” of which in my language would be written “haa nayru’O” but when literally translated from my language back into English, it would read “I (have) love of yours”.

    The apostraphe signifies ownership on a pronoun basis ” ‘O ” means it belongs to another “non-you” person. Therefore, there is love for a person, other than yourself, that you have.

    Slightly more complex, we could have “I’ll always love you” which is read “hante nayru’MON sido yero”. Again, when translated directly back into English it would read “Never (is the) love of ours, able to die”. ” ‘MON ” being the extended version of the alternate person pronoun, that also includes yourself (read: English’s “our”).

    Now, note the difference in the statements:
    “hante nayru’MON sido yero”
    “hante nayru’MON sido’YERO”

    The first one would read: “Never (is the) love of ours, able to die”
    The second would read: “Never (is the) love of ours, death is impossible”

    It doesn’t read as much of a difference in English, but the difference is this: the phrase “sido yero” is what defines the capability for something’s capacity for death. The first sentence states that it is a possibility, which is then revoked as a possibility. While the second sentence directly indicates that the death (or termination, or end result, its more of a negative suffix, than death, like “anti-“) is applied to a specific item, therefore, the love is stated to exist, exists as a constant with the impossiblity for termination.

    …the more I write, the more I know people aren’t going to get it. o__o

    I’ll just keep yelling at gas station clerks with it, and leave it at that I s’pose.


    I can see both Ciao and Shanghai’s point of view, and think I have formulated an adequate compromise.

    English could use a reform, I’ve no doubt about that. Also, as long as he is able to make his point a traveler should not have to learn every nuance of a complicated language.

    However if you’re going to be in a customer service role you need to learn the fucking language or GTFO.

    Oh, and nice troll there Ciao, you have obviously mastered the English language well enough to flame an English teacher on a message board dominated by grammar natzis. Do tell, what exactly is YOUR fucking problem?


    Jeros, you spelled “nazis” wrong 😉

    Sepet Dalv

    Kaze, that looks interesting o.o So, from what i gathered, your trying to make communication more defined? Also, what language/s did you use as a basis for it?


    why the hell does anyone give a crap about that guys damn language?


    haha ps, i believe you guys forget the simple laws of the internet, something about how arguing on the internet is like participating in the special olympics, something like that… idk it was kinda difficult to understand 😉

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