god – zero for four

god - zero for four


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    Slightly inaccurate, more like “those that think they are chosen by God: 0 for 4,” though I have to say the ratio should be much higher.


    came here to say this, and then thought: OMG what if god wanted them all to run and lose? armageddon is the supposed judgement, and is brought upon the earth by god, not the devil. i lol when christians are all: PRAY THE EVIL AWAY!!!one! im all, didn’t you read that shit before you decided to believe in it? what are you, congress?


    This is like the purity test for republican candidates now. If they didn’t say this, they wouldn’t of gotten nearly as far as they did.


    God answers all prayers. Like a good Father, sometimes the answer is “NO” in favor of a greater good. F’N Pinheads.


    They need to say stuff like this to suggest that they might have a moral compass or other ethical obligation. Democrats of course are not required to have any of that.

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