X-Ray Of Pistol


Is this real?  I didn’t think that metal was x-rayable.

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    Could be a glock. The frame is plastic, but the slide/barrel is metal.


    Yeah. I’m agreeing with phantasm. I’m thinking this is a glock (plastic).


    Maybe Glock 21 – 9MM


    Nope….21 is a .45.


    I want to say it’s either a walther P22 or P99, but the trigger guard doesn’t look right (normally it would be squared off). I

    t’s not a glock, thou. The slide would be square at the end.


    AHA! Got it. it’s a SW99 (pops), a collaboration piece between Walther and Smith and Wesson. I count 16 in the mag on this, so it 9mm Para. The frame is polymer with a steel slide, so I’m gonna say this is legit.

    The lack of a external hammer ruled out the P22, and the trigger guard rules out the P99.


    Remind me not to break into worldspawn’s house any time soon.


    hehe, yea I might hit you with a really big book.

    Got it for about $10, fun read.


    SW99>Glock in my opinion. The SW is lighter and smaller, but the recoil doesn’t suffer and I’m more accurate with the SW.


    It will most likely be a gamma ray image of a gun if the frame isn’t plastic. Gamma rays are used to image for cracks etc in airplanes and other metal objects, so I imagine a gun would be no problem for it.


    See how you can’t see through the spring? That’s because it’s metal.


    It is a polymer framed pistol. They are not uncommon. But it does go to show how ignorant the media is. No commercial pistol is “x-ray proof” as claimed when the Glock came onto the market in the late 80s. It will have metal components.


    Metal is, in fact, X-rayable. In fact, all matter is susceptible to penetration by X-ray, provided the X-rays are strong enough. The explanation for the variation in the degrees of film exposure lies in the density of the material; lightweight aluminum, for example, will appear a lighter grey than, say, steel.
    Excuse the lecture; I do this shit for a living.

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