The Only Jet the Air Force needs to fund

A10.jpg (61 KB)

Air Force Capt. Kim Campbell was sent to defend Army troops in the early days of the Iraq War in 2003. After firing on Iraqi Republican Guard troops, Campbell took an epic amount of enemy fire. Both hydraulic systems failed, forcing the pilot to switch to “manual reversion,” a mechanical backup that allows limited flight capability. Campbell kept flying for more than hour, safely returning to Kuwait despite being riddled with hundreds of bullet holes and a massive hole in the right horizontal stabilizer.

You’d think the Air Force would want to keep the A-10 around.

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    Nah, what Today’s Air Force needs is an all-digital, no-manual-override, aluminium-framed, unarmored, 1/2-hour-flight-time, stealth-but-not-really, “fighter jet”