Surprise! (handgranade stuck to door)


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    Lame, that ‘nade wouldnt blow. It would only pull the pin, u got to pull the handle too.


    Yeah, but the handle isn’t taped down, so it would pop out once the pin was pulled.

    And then … BOOM!


    “Hey! There’s my buddy! About you fucking my girlfriend…”

    “Why are you behind blast shields?”

    “No reason.”


    I don’t know about you, but if I open a door and see a chain pull a pin out from an object on the other side of the door, I’m not going to hang around and find out what it was connected to.


    I would, I’m building a collection of war-scars 😀


    Ummm, when you open a door, the handle goes down, not up.


    congratulations anthropology, you’re the dumbest person on this board. It’s not the handle turning that pulls the pin, it’s the door opening, once the door leaves the jam it would in fact pull the pin right out. And slak, the “handle” as you call it is spring loaded, once the pin is pulled it flies off unless there is pressure holding it down. In the business the handle on a grenade is known as the spoon. The only lame part about this is the fact that they appear to have used masking tape, which should be able to hold the… Read more »



    Nothing is more powerful than duct tape, reguardless of what militant faction is using it.


    Kaze, it basically is duct tape, except that it’s green.


    One would think they’d use Camouflaged Tape.


    Lies!! All lies!!!! Darksided!!!!

    A person opening the door would have noticed what that click sound was, seen a granade and ran away, or just opened the door all the way and stand on the other side (it looks kinda solid). But then again, a lot of people would look at it with a kind of morbid fascination and actually die.

    Why am I even in this discussion? 🙁


    Why are you even in this discussion? That door is in no way thick enough to save someone from the grenade, if anything it would just become a large projectile. At any rate, IF you noticed the click sound, why would you guess that it was a grenade? and if you SAW the grenade I’m guessing it would take a little longer than 5 seconds to: A. register the fact that it is a live and deadly explosive B. get farther than 30 meters away, which is the radius of the deadly concussion wave. 5 seconds by the way is… Read more »


    Sorry, 30 meters is the DIAMETER of the concussion wave, so you’d only have to go about 15 meters, still a haul when seconds is all you have.


    The point is moot since when the handle is turned downward to open the door the ring will slide off the handle and dangle uselessly.

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