Bye, Bye Bush

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    This made me laugh. But I think it’s stupid. I wouldn’t want anyone to throw a shoe at my president and then ridicule him like that, as much as I hate Bush. So yea, fuck you mister shoemaker.


    Wow i was just thinking the same.Word for word.


    I was wondering about the intended great insult in the thrown shoe matter.
    apparently showing the soles of your feet to someone is a great insult in that nation or faith(not sure which)
    it raises a question… If something is inoffensive to you and someone directs that act at you, should you take it as offense? I personally would laugh my arse off if someone threw thier shoes at me.
    Haha fucker. Now you have no shoes cos I aint giving them back.

    I live my life along the lines of:
    If someone does not mean something to be offensive, it cannot be taken as an offense.
    If someone means to do something to offend you, you shouldn’t take offense to it as there is no point. Being offended is pointless and usually leads to inarticulate arguments. The calmer you stay the more you win.
    any thoughts?


    An ammunition stash!


    Putridity: That’s not too far from one of the four agreements. The one that says not to take anything personally.

    I think there’s a balance to be found. Intentions are important but so are our reactions to those intentions.


    nobody knows: It isn’t weird at all. We agree on more things than you think.


    It’s considered an insult in Arab countries, has nothing to do with faith.

    Yea I guess I agree, if you don’t find it offensive, then it can’t be offensive to you. However to him it may be satisfying.
    And I don’t think that man cared about whether or not Bush was offended. It was an act based on impulse. He was angry.

    Calmness is always superior to anger, that’s no secret.


    No it is weird.



    tiki god

    from what I understand, it comes from the idea that your feet are the dirties part of your body. Same concept for why washing someone else’s feet is the ultimate personal service.

    perhaps from the days that everyone was nomadic and dirty feet was the norm?


    Again a great example of the difference between Americans and Australians. I myself would not be at all irritated if someone disrespected Australia’s leader. I take the view that this isn’t my country. I just live here.


    As for the shoe flingers, in the Arab world, having a shoe thrown at you is one of the harshest insults you can do. It implies that you are even lower than dirt and other…less savory things that tend to populate the ground.



    Another fine example of the difference between you and me.

    I’m not American yet I felt offended by people laughing at Bush getting a shoe thrown at him.

    Yea you say Australia is not your country, yet you compare yourself to Americans based on being Australian.

    Still cooler than your dinosaurs.


    @dieAntagonista: Heh, Bit self-contradictory huh. Really need to focus more when I make an attempt at a point.

    @everyone else: I personally believe that Bushy having a shoe thrown at him is awesome.
    You could see it in his face afterwards. He was definately thinking along the lines of: “A shoe? Who throws a shoe?”
    The fact that it is a dire insult means little when you throw your shoes at someone.
    The shoe brand is funny because of the absurdity in the act.


    Not gonna lie i’ve been sick of people bashing Bush for about 7 years.

    Don’t get me wrong though I think he really fucked up in a lot of ways, and i consider myself to be a moderate with conservative leanings. But enough’s enough people. Give it a rest. The funny thing is, since our next president is also a career politican, we’re just as screwed with him.


    I also think these shoes are stupid. I think Bush deserves to be ridiculed however, and I can’t blame people for doing so.

    It’ll take a long time for Bush-bashing to get old for me. I’d like people to remember him and maybe not vote for someone like him in my lifetime again. Admittedly, bashing isn’t necessarily the best way to do that though.

    Here’s hoping Giles is wrong about being just as screwed with Obama. I concede the possibility; but think it extremely unlikely.


    Bush needs more than shoes thrown at him. He could use a firm kick in the ass, shit thrown at him and to go bankrupt.


    More on Bush-bashing: I think that Bush will be remembered years from now in much the same way as McCarthy. Bashing McCarthy hasn’t really gotten old yet either, and it’s been 54 years since his heyday.


    Bush himself has no problem w/ being made fun of. One of the things I have difficulty w/ is the contradiction between what he’s done and his obvious sense of self-deprecating humor. Sometimes I really want to like him personally, but I can’t get past what he’s done, allowed to be done and neglected.


    Putridity: Of course Australia are not your country, it are mine for I am teh queenzor!


    Go ahead. Take it. Have fun in the desert that covers about 80% of the bloody country.



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