Nelson Monts says it all

Nelson Monts says it all

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    This is reall really funny, but as a huge Simpsons geek I have to mention that Nelson’s last name is Muntz.




    I can out geek you, Kerry.

    I can tell which episode that screen capture is from, he should currently be pointing at the really tall guy who’s driving a bug, upon which the guy gets out, pulls down Nelson’s pants, and makes him walk down the street as everyone laughs at him



    Nice, Kaze.

    “This is the largest automobile that I could afford”

    “Look everyone, it’s the little boy that laughs at everyone”

    This was the episode “22 Short Stories” right?


    Indeed it was (link) Well done.

    But we need more Futurama fans these days, the Simpsons can only go so far, especially after the preceeding decade of shows.

    Jesus Christ

    Kaze puts up with me doing a perfect impression of Nelson laughs on a daily basis. There’s always room for a laugh at Kaze.


    Ha, i remember that episode of the simpsons, though i wouldn’t have recognized the pic from it. Kaze, here here for the call for more Futurama fans, i’m watching it as i type…

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