Fruit fun

nectarines-vs-peaches.jpg (53 KB)

raspberry-fiber1.jpg (53 KB)

strawberry-seeds.jpg (62 KB)

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    I just made this. You can make it look so smooth only if you have a drawing pad, right?


    Say what. I have Windows 7 paint, what about it is different from XP? And isn’t it worse than Photoshop CS5? Yes it is, so there’s something here that I don’t know. Make me smart. Now. And yes I stole CS5. I felt like a mastermind after I finally managed to successfully install it, I was like, aw yeah I just stole a hypothetical $1,000.


    I can never make it look like that with the brush. Also why tampon. Because of the monkeybutt last time? That’s something you used in an email, remember. Eggplantsalad.


    You could also try a cheap trick and change your pics resolution to 400% and then to 25% (ending up with the same resolution as before), this will give you this antialiasing look. (In Photoshop you can also use the resampling method “bicubic smoother” each time you do so) Your pic will then look like this:

    Not a huge difference but noticeable.


    Aw man, you rule. Thank you.


    AHA, so that’s how you did it. I admired that chicken so much when I first saw it.


    Well… no, I don’t constantly admire your chicken. I promise I’ll try to be more dedicated to the cause next time.


    Nectarines are mutated peaches, so they are the freaks, but you have to decide for yourself if you like fuzzy fruits or not. Personally I don’t mind.

    And, I will never look at strawberries the same way again.


    i don’t understand why the banana is calling the strawberry “pervert”… bananas don’t even have seeds, they’re cloned… 😐


    Fkkin No Shave November