Elven Olympics 2012

1-The-Shire-Olympics-2012.jpg (138 KB)

2-Isengard-Olympics-2012.jpg (112 KB)

3-Troll-and-Orks-Olympics-2012.jpg (168 KB)

4-One-Ring-and-Sauron-Olympics-2012.jpg (78 KB)

5-My-Precious-Olympics-2012.jpg (111 KB)

Anyone else notice the similarities between the opening ceremony
for the Olympics in London and Lord of the Rings

Middle England meets Middle Earth:

1 The Shire;
With hobbits coming out of the hole in the ground.
2 Isengard;
The Tower and fires of Isengard.
3 War;
The Trolls and Orcs scaring the women and children.
4 Forging;
Forging the One Ring of Power(the backstory) and finally Sauron appears.
5 Gollum;
Ahhh My Precious ….

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    Yes indeed. It is also risky doing something about British history in front of nations that struggled to get independence from Britain as well.


    Risky how? Britain may be a shadow of its former self but it would still steam roll most of its former colonies. Also many of the colonies are only at the Olympics because Britain dragged them yelling and screaming into modern society a long time ago.