Frank Miller’s Whores


I don’t know where this came from.  Anyone?

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    Elektra wasn’t a complete whore.


    This is from Shortpacked! by David Willis.


    Aah, natakamus, therein lies the catch: The strip says to write one “without a whore in it,” so it doesn’t necessarily have to be the lead; if I’m not mistaken, wasn’t it Miller who wrote Karen Page as a drugged-out porn star at one point? I could be wrong, but it was around issue #227, when she gives up DD’s identity to the Kingpin for some drugs. So if Karen Page appears in any Elektra comics (I have a feeling she does) then technically it’s still a whoreful story. Goddamn…I just read my comment and it turns out I’m a… Read more »


    The queen gives it up to that guy because she thinks he will then support her in the council. And… Xerxes tent is full of leper bitches.

    I realize now you might have been attempting to be sarcastic… *shrugs*


    In the Miller book, the Queen doesn’t do anything except say goodbye to Leonidas. There are 2 depictions that could be argued to be Whores. The Oracle at Delphi and the Persian women that seduce Ephialtes. Story-wise they aren’t “exactly” whores, but they look exactly like his Sin-City whores to the nth.