The Browser You STILL Love to Hate

the problem of course is that IE is still a completely 100% shit browser. Use Firefox, or Chrome if you’re a fucking idiot.

Only fucking fucktards use IE. no matter what the version.

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    Luke Magnifico

    I don’t actually know if IE is still terrible because it’s been so long since I’ve used it for anything other than downloading another browser.

    Firefox is a RAM leaking bag of stupid used by people who don’t actually know shit about programming but figure they do because they’re online a lot and can use open source content swapping bullshit to make it look like they’re not totally useless.

    Chrome is the best browser. It has all the developer tools and more. It doesn’t leak RAM. It’s parses the processes individually. It’s all around about 1000X more efficient and secure than Firefox (hence the crashes FF always has).

    IE is good if you need to access a router. That’s about it.


    Harsh words from a strong man behind a computer.


    I can’t argue about FF’s RAM leak (but it’s fast as hell once I disable the dozens of add-ons I have), but IE9 IS actually nice. Some ugly things (like the yellow notification bar on the bottom) need some polishing but it has made leaps towards the right direction. Chrome I can’t take seriously, with Google’s usage tracking and the lack of decent add-ons, it’s not appealing to me at all. I can’t see why someone with a low-end computer would use it, and I would actually favor it in that situation, but mine is not a dinosaur so I’m… Read more »

    Professor Ratbaggy

    Sorry, but Firefox is a clunky old piece of crap, and you have to spend half your life pissing about with endless add-ons and extensions, not to mention a new version full of bugs wanting to install itself every five minutes.  Chrome’s ok, but pretty much lacking anything resembling security (Comodo’s version of it, Dragon, is somewhat better).

    For me, Opera does the trick.  Everything’s there out of the box, and it’s still the only one that can tile tabs within the browser window (I use that a fair bit).

    Oh, and IE9 still manages to mis-render too many sites for my liking, not to mention its way of dealing with security issues seems to be to disable everything useful.


    Chrome in my heart.


    Love avant browser and firefox .they are very useful for me.
    Avant browser has more useful features and it is more stable than chrome .I love Avant’s video sniffer .it can download video from video websites.

    Firefox 11 is usage less memory than firefox 8.