Fat Girls Give The Best Head


Fat girls give the best head because they’re hungry

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    She looks beautiful to me

    fatma khomsi

    im 15 and am quit fat well i was a fat baby i have rely stunin m8 and they get all the boys look at them and i get nothing but then i thought why cry ova spilt milk and i fell more cofednt and plus we av more meat on us !!!!!


    ^^i have no idea what you just said, speak english next time.


    it’s hard to speak english with a mouthful of meat…


    “I’m 15 and am quite fat. Well, I was a fat baby. I have a really stunning mate. [?] They [thin girls?] get all the boys, look at them, and I get nothing. But then I thought, ‘Why cry over spilled milk?’ and I felt more confident. Plus, we have more meat on us!”

    …I think.


    She needs less donuts and more treadmill.

    Mike Rackhabet

    this statement is true. i can attest. my ex gave great head.