Lazy Computer Set Up


Reminds me of an old Garfield strip, where he nails a tv to the roof, and Jon’s all like “I’ve never seen anyone work so hard to be so lazy.” and I laughed.

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    Reminds me of when I lived in my closet for about 6 months. Had a TV on a cage above me, with an original playstation on top of that, with a fan behind me, and speakers that propped up the ‘bed’ which was a matress on the floor, Dimensions 2ft x 4ft.


    I had an old roommate who lived in the closet.

    Good thing you eventually came out, huh? 😉

    Jesus Christ

    Remember when Zephran lived in your closet and brought that damned Lay-Z-Boy in it? And he slept on it? And remember when I came over and asked if I could masturbate on that Raziel action mafigure?

    Good times, good times.

    The Lawnmower

    Nice setup, but you’d want that monitor to be pretty secure.


    I’d be afraid that the monitor crushed my gonads in my sleep.


    If that’s a barracks room it’s not a lazy issue as much as it is a space issue. an average barracks room isn’t much bigger than what you can see in the picture there.

    It appears to be 550 cord holding up the monitor and I think i see green TA-50 in the floor of the wall locker, green glove inserts on the chair, black 100mph tape on top of the computer and a caribeaner hanging from some more 550 cord in the wall locker.

    damn I miss barracks life.


    I’m just dumbfounded that people still quote Garfield cartoons.


    Everything ever written about curing insomnia says you should only use your bedroom for intimite activities and sleeping.