Yellow Ricer Punks


Yellow for the color, not the race.  Don’t get your panties all bunched up.

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    OK, yellow is for the color rather than the race. What’s the “ricer” for?


    “ricer” is for the Honda. Riced up Mustang.. that’s different

    tiki god

    Do you seriously not know what a ‘ricer‘ is?


    Ricer is a racially loaded word, though.


    No, no, the mustangs can be ricers too, as in this case, any car can be. And ricer is typically used for car with unnecessarily large and useless body kits, wings, neon, and other stuff of the like. It is a racially derived word, beginning as “rice burner” referring to Japanese cars, in a sense making fun of asians.
    On a note, one can drive a japanese car and not be a “ricer” by today’s meaning.


    Ricer: from the latin word Ricarius meaning to suck at everything you attempt


    Awesome hedgehog hair. Could never get mine to look that dangerous and spiky.


    I just noticed though, they both have intercoolers. Could be just for show, but ya know. They are painted yellow, which is gay.


    Ricer is what you call Asian cars and motorbikes that are all done up. It’s a negative term though since you’re basically saying “oh those are the cars those rice dick motherfuckers like to drive”

    That’s what it means: rice dick. Cause Asians eat a lot of rice and have tiny wieners.


    fuck chinese asian motherfuckrs this page is racist all is racist fuckers


    Wait; what, pepa?..

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