Applying For A Job At IKEA

Protip: I’ve never bought anything from IKEA before, but I’ve been contemplating it.  Does they sell good stuffs, or is it all cheapo crap?

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    We’ve bought stuff from them, a kitchen hutch, very nice, we love it.
    we also just brought back a “stainless steel” colander, rusting on the inside. got store credit.


    It’s the kind of furniture you buy while your saving up for real furniture. Decent for a while but don’t expect it to last more than 2 or 3 years.


    It’s like anything – you get what you pay for. We have bought cheap Ikea stuff that has done well for a few years but eventually fallen apart, and we’ve bought expensive solid Ikea stuff that is still sturdy and new-looking five years later. Cheap Ikea stuff is cheap, expensive Ikea stuff is more solid, basically. The good thing about them really is their designs. The Swedes know how to utilise the available space VERY cleverly.


    I agree with DexX, is all about how much you pay for it. The cheap stuff works, it’s good if you need temporary things for a while (they also last longer if you don’t put much wear on them). I had a cheap computer desk from IKEA that worked mine but was extremely wobbly. I recently got another one that’s solid but a little more expensive.
    Mind they all require you to assemble them. No big deal but usually the preset drill holes are misaligned for some reason. In my experience, anyway.


    Screw IKEA. Wal-mart FTW.


    My IKEA computer desk cost me $150, and is still with me moving from a basement, to an apartment, to a girlfriends house, to another house. Still going strong. The cheap ($199) couch SUCKS. Just tossed the IKEA mattress after 5 years, keeping the IKEA bedframe. I recommend the Po-Ang chairs. Comfy like whoa.

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