Ass Spider


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    I hate those guys, I see them all the time. Had one that size in my damn sink a few weeks ago. It isn’t their size that bothers me, it is how much they squish when you kill them.


    Yeah they make a big mess when you squish them. I’ve taken to trying to capture them with a bowl or dish and release them. But, the little fuckers are so quick they usually jump and run, and I have to squish them. Here in Japan, the Huntsman spiders are HUGE and very common.


    Ugh. I can’t even stand small spiders. If i saw one that big i’d just buy a new house.


    1/0 … nuf said.


    Flamethrowers are your friends…

    ‘Nuff said ’bout my aracnophobia.


    Hooo boy, that made my bumhole pucker up…

    Arachnophobia is SUCH fun. What I love is how when you shine a torch at them at night, their eyes shine like tiny little reflectors. Disturbing, I tells ya…


    jesus fuck thats HUGE. here in New Zealand we don’t see spiders that big! Australia has like tarantulas… don’t think they get that big though


    Z=Master, trust me NZ and Aussie have spiders that big. You probably just haven’t seen them. Here’s one example.
    These fuckers are common and they jump. They don’t, typically, spin webs though. They hide and assault their prey. I’ve been surprised by them quite a few times. Relatively harmless though. I used to be a pansy about spiders, but not anymore.


    Here in Melbourne in sunny (and somewhat charred) Australia, I had one a tad smaller than that on my back fence last night. Doesn’t look like a huntsman to me, though, as they tend to be very flat, for hiding under bark. That there looks like it might be a giant motherfucker of a wolf spider, or maybe something else. I shall research some more… (I’m an arachnophobe, but the bastards fascinate me).


    I take that back. Looks like there are some chubby hunstman spiders around the place, so it may very well be a huntsman. Now I need a shower.


    That thing on the ass paper is why I have two socks, now if only the damned things didnt plug the shitter.


    OMG that is so disturbing… and it just HAS to be on the toilet paper? I’d be freaking out so bad… If I weren’t on the shitter I’d run screaming!


    that’s what killed Elvis, right there.


    Conclusion? Burn your house down.

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