Things you can buy online

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    Are you saying you can buy Uranium ore on line, or just the sticker and the container? Auxilary question, how much Uranium is that in curies, what isotope of uranium is that, and what instrument was used to measure the 1205 counts per min?


    Calm down stewie!


    I doubt anyone cares but it’s a fake label obviously, the radioactivity “measurement” is wrong. Activity is not measured in “cpm”, typically its listed as TI (transport index) and bq (becquerel) ratings such as 72 GBq or 14 TBq, ect.
    Also the shipping of radioactives requires them to be packaged in containers strong enough that to open the crack the container accidently you have to use enough force to destroy the contents.
    I had to learn this to pass my hazmat training…


    Unrefined uranium is pretty easy to obtain, because it relatively safe, just don’t ingest it. Here’s where you can order some,


    Yeah.. you apparently can buy uranium from Amazon… go figure: