Due To Recent Robberies


Man, is this shit for real?  Sounds like someone’s gonna get sued into oblivion.

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    I expect that was a prankster that stuck it on the drivethru outside.


    And the dumbshit couldn’t even spell “robberies.”


    Funny how they’re “politically correct” enough to write African-Americans instead of blacks, but too stupid to realise that it’s wrong on so many levels…

    Marked Hoosier

    And they were too cheap for actual paper… they wrote that on a napkin!

    mAgNUS Buttfoorson

    Don’t deconstruct the drunken antics. Just stfu and enjoy.


    If you couldn’t figure it out, they put that there and took the picture…like anyone would let that stay up there…


    lol, Probably written by a 13 year old. His lack of decent grammar is mildly amusing.

    Also, African-Americans. LOL WUT

    also cocks

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