Fine foods fail

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    The fact that she’s scratching her head makes this so much more funny.


    Mmm. Nothing says “Cuisine!” like a can of beans and some spotted dick.




    It’s not fine British food unless it’s deep-fried and tastes like cardboard.

    Teutonic Logic

    the term “fine British foods” is clearly an oxymoron or maybe the term is relative and these are the best of the british foods, which they should have retitled “literally the only food products from britian that would be edible to even the smallest percentage of americans.”


    HP fruity is the shit tbh. Rest is a bit of a fail, only think I like that comes from you guys is those peanut butter cup things.

    Luke Magnifico

    Ambrosia FUCKYES.

    And are those Taxi bars? I’d easily kill one of you for a Taxi.

    Curly Wurlys, those weird cakes-in-a-can that Heinz make, golden syrup…

    Truly, this is the food of kings.



    Obvoiusly none of you have tried British chocolate. mmmmmm chocolate with no wax, more cocoa and less additive..
    I’d neverd of British Cuiine until my store started selling the stuff, you would not believe it but spotted dick and cock-a-leeky soup are actually really tasty!
    All i’m saying is don’t diss it until you’ve tried it.


    Yeah these are all nom.


    There are some good British tarts, though I forget what they’re called. Well-‘something.’

    Otherwise, ew.

    Scones are considered Scottish, not English, right?

    Luke Magnifico

    @Paul_Is_Drunk: Bakewell tart.

    Is the best tart.


    Only sugar full foods let through border control. No black pudding, white pudding, haggis, grouse, pheasant, hare, rabbit, tripe, lard, dripping, full English, beef, curry, smoked salmon, arbroath smokies, steak and kidney pudding, lamb, biryani, marmite, mushy peas, chips, that’s proper chips not fries, offal, chipolata and sausages? no wonder shes scratching her head!


    Cherry bakewells are the shit – but I don’t see them there.


    Cherry bakewells are the shit – but I don’t see them there.

    Also, non of our cheeses comes in an aerosol.


    It’s pretty funny that 90% of the things on that shelf are in our fast food isles of the supermarkets right next to the hot dog sausages in a jar.
    I guess us English managed to get 1 thing from the USA after all, everything can be made artificial and put in a can for the lower classes of society to eat. I just never thought they’d go full circle on us.


    I like how there is vinegar in that selection. I know British food has a bad reputation but surely we can do better than just vinegar.


    @Monkey1978: I don’t know about that. If I remember correctly, Brits really liked their potted meats, long before they made it to the states.


    @nyokki: If by potted meats, you mean pot roasts, then that’s possible, and it’s tinned variant may deserve a place on the fine British foods shelf, but i don’t see that there.


    : The term “potted” means jarred or canned. (Preserved in some way) The English have been doing just that for centuries. Potted sparrows anyone?


    Shepherds Pie is so goddamn good.


    @Puulaahi: yeah, but they are running out of shepherds in the UK. So most of the shepherds pie nowadays is made from Aussie or Argentine shepherds.


    @SumoSnipe: Don’t forget NZ, there are more sheep in New Zealand than people.


    I don’t see any Branston pickle. Thus, fail.


    @Puulaahi: Kiwis is like chewing rawhide.


    @SumoSnipe: You mean Kiwi Shepherds Pie?


    @Leanstrum: Any shelf that does not contain any of Mr. Kipplings exceedingly good cakes is fail.
    @Ronwe: Branston goes on fucking everything!
    @Stephy: Cadbury’s creme egg’s wipe the floor with any American chocolate.@Phyreblade: That sounds strangely alluring.


    cadbury owns american chocolate.


    americans hate english food, because you have to chew it, and it hasn’t been processed to shit. it still tastes like food. fuckers.


    mmmm i see HP sauce and flake bars