Death Star 9-11


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    bad form


    “bad form”

    — Why?

    I mean, the Twin Towers was a Rebel Base.


    “I mean, the Twin Towers was a Rebel Base.”


    The Twin Towers WERE a Rebel Base.


    This image should be banned. This tragic evebt was serious and a disaster for millions of people. You should be ashamed of yourself

    Evil Don

    i think ryan and fred will to tell our mothers that we were laughing at this clever picture. dont do it guys, or i will take your lunch money.
    people who thought this was funny, when i die (no matter how i die), take a picture of me and edit it so that it looks like darth vader killed me. post it on MCF. then i will know something good will have come of my death.


    “It’s a bird!”
    “It’s a plane!”
    “It’s…. Oh shit, it IS a plane!”


    Now you know what is a disaster for millions of people? The Iraq War. I bet those 392,979 – 942,636 dead Iraqis are pretty pissed about it.

    So I think in the grand scheme, a Death Star blowing up the Twin Towers is pretty tame.


    thats not funny it sad lots died so dont joke about it take it OFF


    You must get all your “facts” from the news and online media and blogs from high schoolers and hungover/weed smoking college hippies.
    And to the others… Tell the celebs’ to shut up about their retarded conspiracies, this picture is probably making fun of the stupidty of other guess as to what might have happened instead or why it came to be. (C’mon Rosie O’D., why would the U.S. government demolish two buildings vital to itself just to burn/shred some papers?)

    tiki god

    IonEngine Facts are from the US Military reports that were recently released, along with the Iraqi reports on the current upward swing in violence. I’ll see if I can’t track down some links for the front page.

    and yeah, celebs are 99% stupid with 1% crazy, especially that batshit crazy bitch rosie.


    hey Aristoi… tell me …how exactly dead people can be pissed off?


    extremely poor taste
    NOT funny
    this brings back too many bad memories for everybody.

    i am an athiest- and you are going to hell for this.

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