You’re Doing It Wrong

Born to fail

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    There’s been some LAME shit on here lately….except for my stuff….and THIS. THIS IS HILARIOUS!


    wow hysterical

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    The lamest things on here have been egnilk66’s comments.

    Oh and the bitching about how it’s not as funny as some people would like. a) its free – b) it’s user content driven (duh..MAKE it more funny) – c) it’s always been pretty damned funny.

    That pic is hilarity. I wanna see it from another angle!


    Well, if you would take a little time to put the letters together to make complete sentences and actually READ what i said…. Don’t be a tard.


    I actually laughed out loud on this one…

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    “There’s been some LAME shit on here lately….except for my stuff….and THIS. THIS IS HILARIOUS!”

    Well that takes care of b though that’s only in your own opinion.

    Now, Tardfuck, what about a and c? No? Nothing?

    Yup. You’re thtoopidwetord.


    So anyway, this was funny. Good jorb.


    I don’t get it….are you working on your ABCs?

    And yes, that my stuff is funny and some of the other stuff is lame is my opinion….I happen to like my opinions. Yours, however, seem to suck a shit log.


    Now now, don’t let me spoil your bickering, but has egnilk66 thought of the fact that it not “your” stuff in the first place? Get over it. Everyone finds funny shit to post…tho some better then others. Just shut up and have fun looking at the pretty little pictures you so fondly love to bitch at other people about.


    Has it ever occured to you that I really don’t give a shit and that maybe I’m just talking shit for the sake of talking shit?

    I am not fond of bitching….. I’d rather just Ooohhh, ahhhh, and hahahahahaha at the pics. Once in a while, however, I like to stimulate a little conversation if it’s gone stale due to the lack of good content. Thank you for your help.


    Lol cool just thought I’d Ask.