Orgasm facts

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    I refuse to believe 24% of women can’t climax. Maybe 24% in a study situation couldn’t come under pressure, lol. You’re just doing it wrong, stop making excuses!


    I’m pretty sure my gf can’t climax.


    lurk moar

    also: 14 gallons ololo
    also: PSAS is the dream of any woman or at least that 24%


    maybe you could try the spinal stimulation? See above for details.




    I`m pretty sure it`s you.


    What I read:
    “blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, 150-200 ORGASMS A DAY!blah, blah, blah, blah…


    i worked a pig farm when i was 16, and i saw a pig jack off once


    is there a training program to achieve orgasms in your hands and feet?

    fracked again

    I think you just have to be lucky.


    I had an ex give foot massages that hit that ZOWIEIMUSTHAVEYOUNOW nerve.
    I can see it happening.


    Pigs orgasm for 30 minutes…and they’re not among the animals that have sex for pleasure? WTF is wrong with them. ;p


    Lateral Orbitofrontal Cortex.


    About the spine thing, AHA! And I thought the Aeon Flux episode with the blonde girl and her spinal affairs was just a fantasy.


    Perhaps those 24-37% women are paired with the performance or endurance challenged? The closest I’ve come (heh) to feeling something similar was from a whip-it. It was my great fortune to have an adventurous partner willing to partake in both at that crucial moment. No spoilers from me except to say, it is a highly recommended experience worth having once in your life.


    A “whip-it?” You mean a whippit, as in, a dog? I rate that marginally above child molestation. Marginally. Somewhere in the realm of having sex with a mentally handicapped person. ie: not something to brag about. The problem with the internet is that the freaks find each other, and in their new found unity, they mistakenly believe that they are in any way normal, or that their behaviour is acceptable.


    I hope you are trolling. If not, you’re an idiot.


    Who’s trolling? Me? Dogsurfer’s comment was intentionally vague. As long as no dog’s were molested, I’m cool. It’s pretty weird though.


    Nothing vague about it. Whip-it =/= Whippet.


    Don’t be dense. I’m referring to her actions in relation to the dog. Intentionally vague.


    Alright, I’ll bite. Of course my adventurous partner was my whippet, an expensive breed I had the good fortune to afford. The crucial moment was in the Best-of-Breed dog show competition. I presented before the judges, getting straight, going forward, moving ahead, for their detecting of my whippet. Whippet did good. When they announced my name to receive the trophy, I came, unlike the unfortunate 24-37% of the women who never have. Far from being abnormal behavior, as I said, it is a highly recommended experience worth having once in your life.