Does God Exist?




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    1. There is no such thing as a deity, or heavenly sovereign. There is no ultimate judge at the end of the path. There is no toll to be paid there is no code passed down from beyond.

      But there is hope. There is a reason not to act like an animal. There is ReasoN. There is good will, and there is your fellow man. And there is the truth. We only have each other and we only have this life(as it is)

      We are the light. We are existence. So don’t waste time arguing with morons who are obcessed with proving or disproving the existence of an invisible man. Cause that is their only happiness. Just live and let die.


    2. To mechaxl I offer this simple rebuttal:


      Prove me wrong.




    4. Religion is so funny. There is no such thing as concrete proof in religion. That’s why it’s called “faith”. Look it up, kiddies. You cannot prove a god exists, and by the same logic, you cannot prove it does NOT exist. Having faith is great. It helps some people sleep better at night, no matter WHAT your faith is in. The sucky part is when you have no faith, and are uncertain of everything. They tend to medicate that.


    5. Just think, before, communication worldwide as slow and obscure. Everyone had their own versions of their own gods. With the internet, people have given god-like powers to Chuck Norris and Flying Spaghetti Monster and everyone knows about it.

      I truly believe that the next popular religion will emerge from the internet. Its Bible will be written upon many blog-entries and it’ll be Open Source, possibly making it the first book to have no loopholes because they will be sorted out as they’re found and reported by someone.


    6. @ Dreth

      but people can sure try to throw “facts” that gods real lol. all still don’t make sense.


    7. Hmm, now that I see it this way it makes so much sense. How could I have been so blind!


    8. If there is a god, and he wants us to do stuff, how come he made his/her/its intentions known in the most lazy, incompetent, asinine way possible! It took “6000” years to finally get the word out to everyone, not just those that speak Greek, Arabic, or Hindi.

      An no one, NO ONE actually follows any of these “teachings” in any serious way anyway. Behold:


    9. @wookie_x
      the problem is that some people have “faith” in completely fictional things, which isn’t faith anymore, it’s just insanity. Faith is no explanation for believing in stupid or irrational things, nor is it a crutch to get through life. Faith should be what tells you that it’s ok to go outside because you have faith in gravity, or that it’s ok to give your best friend $100 in times of need, because you have faith that they’d do the same for you.

      Faith in a book written thousands of years ago by bastards trying to explain why it rained or where the lightning came from is just insanity, through and through. Sure the book has some redeeming qualities, but so did Hitler.

      (Godwin ftw.)


    10. @AlecDalek

      That’s overkill right there.


    11. I follow Leto’s Golden Path.


    12. wookie_x: I really don’t bother with religion or atheism, but I’ve got to say, that’s the stupidest argument I’ve ever heard. For literally thousands of years – long before either modern atheism or christianity existed – people have been pointing out that every sense and memory are deceptive, and that believing in anything we experience is a leap of faith. Hell, atheism itself (as opposed to agnosticism) is a leap of faith because you have to assert that there is no God, and, usually, that the scientific method actually works. How can you assert anything, really, when you know that every method you have of understanding the world is faulty? Hell, even the super-emperical scientific method turns out to be deeply rooted in ethical assumptions: Half the science in the last 150 years ranges from stupid to nightmare, not because of any real change in the empirical method, but because of the changing values of society. I put as much faith in that as in an old man in the clouds.

      You know, this whole creationism/religion/atheism debate has got to be one of the most annoying things on the internet. In most developed countries, this debate ends when you’re eighteen and you either grow up or become a jerk-ass pseudo-philosopher like fucking Richard Dawkins or the Pope. Yet, Americans mainly on the internet are having the most limp-wristed girly spapfight of the century, each side thinking they’re the most clever thing ever to happen when in reality, they’re just dredging up the most banal, boring stupid arguments I’ve ever seen repeated a thousand times.


    13. Caio, one reason Americans debate religion more than other developed countries is because America is one of the only developed countries where politicians use religion to make decisions. I wich I could ignore what other people believe, but they keep electing people who think god talks to them (GWB), who think the apocalypse will be in our lifetime (Reagan), etc.
      I know that other countries discuss politics (often more than Americans). Well, in the US, religion is a part of politics.


    14. That’s a good point reboot. I never thought of it that way before. And yet conversely, Sweden, one of the most secular nations in the world, actually has a “state” religion. Perhaps a case of “keep your friends close and your enemies closer” in action? American politicians may exploit religion, but they don’t control it. In Sweden, their parliament could pass a bill that telling the church to shut the fuck up, and the church would have to shut the fuck up.


    15. @Dreth

      How would a christian retard doing what their “holy” book tells them to do be “overkill”? How are you supposed to be able to tell what parts of the bible god was serious about, and where he was “just kidding”. It’s all or nothing, based on criteria set up by the retards themselves.


    16. @AlecDalek:

      I was talking about two types of Overkill in that comic strip.

      1) pure pwnage because it made fun of the Bible without adding or taking words out of context.
      Funny overkill.

      2) The fact we’re expected to be houseless and foodless just to get to heaven is too much, over-the-top, oh fuck no, whatever you want to call it.
      God damn overkill.


    17. That’s silly. If there’s no God… then who is Jesus’ dad?


    18. Joseph? One of Mary’s other boyfriends? Mary’s dad?


    19. Scholars of ancient Rome and Greece argued that the gods didn’t exist, yet the plebs insisted they did because it gave meaning to their, honestly, pretty shitty lives.

      Now we “know” that those Roman and Greek gods were just fairy tails. However, we insist our fairy tails are true, despite any evidence to the contrary.

      Oh, and agnosticism is for whiny bitches who can’t make up their mind. Just because I don’t believe in Santa Claus means there is a chance he exists. NONE!

      The egocentrics that believes that if a deity did exist, he would have close ties to humanity, a race on a backwater planet in our particular galaxy, is beyond arrogant.

      Not wanting to fully disagree with such a theory because “it could be true, we dunno” is just as arrogant. And lazy.


    20. Well I’m not as lazy as I am apathetic about the whole thing, hence not putting atheist on the “Religion” field of profiles but Agnostic. Because I don’t know for sure, but I also don’t care enough to reach a conclusion because it will not play a significant role in my life anyway.

      At most, it’ll be the typical afternoon chat. And if I had to choose between believing and not believing, I’d go for not believing anyway.


    21. @RSIxidor:
      um, for one thing, only Leto can follow the Golden Path. that is why Paul didnt do it (or was just a big puss). even his twin Ghanima couldnt. only Leto. there can be only one….tyrant.

      besides, you don’t have any sandtrout.

      you’re just in the middle of Arrakis, taking it up the butt from the Baron.


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