Homeland Security

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We has it. Old School.

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    That’s a fairly popular t-shirt at the tourist stores in New Mexico.

    Alec Dalek

    These days they just make a nuisance of themselves, and then wonder why no one gives a fuck for them.


    Seems like “The Original Homeland Security” didn’t do to good of a job since they have been replaced.

    BTW, I’m part Iroquois and these pictured are from the western nations (not sure of which one), and they were no where near the european settlements around 1492, so they contributed nothing during that time frame. In fact, they didn’t do anything to help other tribes for over a hundred years when whites moved west until the whites (and blacks) moved into lands that they consider theirs. So the idiots who classified these guys as “Homeland Security” are just exploiting these warrior by re-writing history so they can greedly make a little coin from stupid posters and t-shirts (I wouldn’t be surprised if those that are making most of the money from this have very little, if any, relation with any of the American nations).


    Yo Homey These are definitely Western Natives.

    And also homey 1492 is an early estimate (as Columbus never reached the mainland but the Spanish had sent expeditions from Mexico into the western Prairies as early as the 1530s. Whereas the first permanent, successful Mainland colony near Iroquois country (rightly directly to the North, in Huron/unspecified non-Iroquois Iroquoian territory) was in 1608, and I don’t think they would have encountered the Five Nations Proper until about the 1630s.

    By the by which Iroquois nation are your part of?


    Erm, partly descended from or whatever.

    Also my point is, this is probably meant to be funny and thought-provoking, not literal.

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