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  • Comment on U.S.S. Franklin (2009-04-24 20:15:04)
    Actually, she was never meant to sail that way. She was a screw frigate (yes, that's how they were called) built in the 1860s, and quite the combat vessel for her time. It was later turned into a "receiving vessel" used for housing crew when returning from the sea; essentially a barracks ship. All that housing was built upon the old hull.
  • Comment on Norwescon (2009-04-22 12:45:49)
    Jar Jar Slayer is good but old. A friend of mine had a similar idea and made a Sith costume with the abomination's head on a spike and it was way better. But the Steampunk Engineers... The purest of wins.
  • Comment on Rectal Probe Biometrics (2009-03-30 08:04:47)
    Lol. Wasn't this on the Onion?
  • Comment on When comic books were innocent... (2009-03-28 11:50:56)
    There is *NO* way the artist didn't know what he was doing when he madde that first picture. No fucking way. I bet his children are still telling the story in parties, exactly the way he did to them, laughing their asses off.
  • Comment on Liefelds loins divide by 0. (2009-03-25 07:22:58)
    And MC Hammer pants were a clear sign of manliness.
  • Comment on Nine worlds of Asgard (2009-03-24 05:26:19)
    Notice how they accept the Earth is spherical, to disassociate themsleves from those Flat-Earther wackos. Good for them, Teach the controvercy I say!
  • Comment on The Son who fell to Earth (2009-03-21 15:13:23)
    Whoa. Major fail. This is perhaps the only case of pareidolia, where you can't make out the shape, even when you try after they tell you what you're supposed to look for. Pareidolia? ANeidolia mere likely. Unless that guy's fucking with us, the media and the entire internet, in which case, Epic WIN.
  • Comment on Wizard of Oz Reimagined (2009-03-18 10:37:29)
    No. For the love of God no.
  • Comment on World War II in Short (2009-03-13 10:34:31)
    That old classic from uncyclopedia was way more detailed, but equally funny imo.
  • Comment on Ugly Brain Fish (2009-03-13 10:25:55)
    Haha oops! I should refresh the page before posting :)
  • Comment on Ugly Brain Fish (2009-03-13 10:24:59)
    That's no brain, that's the intestine that popped out of its mouth due to pressure difference.
  • Comment on Greek Food (2009-03-06 18:45:15)
    There are also parts of Greece that the outside world must never see.
  • Comment on Surfer Girl (2009-03-06 18:41:44)
    She probably knows all the muscles and bones in the human body, and a dozen ways to break each one.
  • Comment on Prehistoric Seas (2009-03-03 13:32:10)
    If you had an adult Tylosaurus, the situation would be quite reversed.
  • Comment on Jesus vs Thor (2009-03-01 13:46:54)
    Your god's dad also died nailed to a tree/spear, and he still bosses your god around, so there.
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