Goldfinger (1999)
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  • Comment on What could possibly go wrong? (2015-09-09 05:33:47)
    Now you got me interested: How often has the place been held up before and after starting that discount? And why was that? Any sources?
  • Comment on McKinley - Hero to the Republicans (2015-09-08 04:28:31)
    Mike Turner was fun, though. Being all concerned about how McKinley's descendants and the good people of Canton, Ohio would feel about this. Like they own the fucking mountain. I had a really good laugh the day I read that :3
  • Comment on ginger talks (2015-08-22 07:47:13)
    Kinda like a lava lamp. Who is that?
  • Comment on classical germany (2015-01-20 21:46:39)
    Well, there was a little more to the later German Confederation than Prussia and Austria. 37 other states, for example.
  • Comment on classical germany (2015-01-20 16:22:48)
  • Comment on Buy your own damn drink! (2015-01-14 05:08:22)
    "Only if the victim is stupid enough to leave it unattended." Only if your sleight of hand is really bad.
  • Comment on WARNING! User accounts are being deleted! (2014-11-15 07:17:40)
  • Comment on The Princess (2014-10-11 01:35:09)
    She did some acting after SW (although I have to admit, I only remember one movie with her). And then mostly screenwriting, as far as I know. But then again it's very difficult to be anything other than the role you played in the supermovie of a generation, I guess.
  • Comment on Painting something pink doesn’t make it good (2014-10-11 01:20:15)
    Dude, seriously? You do not encorporate your cellphone. You do encorporate your drinking water. You are running out of straws.
  • Comment on Painting something pink doesn’t make it good (2014-10-10 07:35:35)
    Pouring alcohol in your coffee doesn't cause drunkenness.
  • Comment on Painting something pink doesn’t make it good (2014-10-10 07:33:47)
    Yeah, but usually they don't drill for oil near people's drinking water resources.
  • Comment on finger in the box (2014-10-06 22:13:15)
    Didn't the cinematic trailers also have the blur? I guess it lowers the rating for the trailer.
  • Comment on Putin on Obama (2014-10-06 22:01:51)
    I get your concept. But that would need unlimited potential for growth. But an economy can only grow to a certain amount before it reaches a limit. Same goes for production - you can only have so many cars, phones, computers, tables, forks, whatever. And: "higher qualification" jobs only grow at a certain speed and to a certain amount while "lower qualification" jobs get less because employers have a natural interest in saving money by rationalisation / streamlining / economisation. To keep to the economy I know: Germany has made things easier and easier for big business over the last two decades. We lowered the taxes for companies, we loosened dismissal protection so they don't have to pay for people they can't afford and still the actual wages are dropping, there is a big group of people who can barely get along although they a lot of them are even working two jobs. This may not count for small businesses (How do you define them anyway? Usually, "small" is a lot bigger in the US than in Europe) but big business has it's first and foremost duty to the shareholders and that's why they do everything to increase the annual winnings. I'm not saying total government control is the key to a better society. But the economy needs to be put on a leash (the length of which is open for discussion) in order to keep it from running amok on the backs of the rest of society. IIRC, the last banking crisis was not a result of governments putting [b]too much[/b] control on those banks and rating institutes.
  • Comment on Putin on Obama (2014-10-06 16:01:47)
    Nothing to object so far. (Deciding what's a legitimate medical reason is something else completely). Let's assume there are more burger flipping aspirants than burger flipping positions open? Having not enough jobs to keep everybody employed is a real problem in Europa [b]and [/b] the US, afaik.
  • Comment on Putin on Obama (2014-10-06 15:27:24)
    How do you tell the ones who can't from the ones who won't?
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