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In eighteen-fifty, at the age of twenty-one, my great-grandfather was named Baron Von Pawnshoppington I, mostly as a joke. he could often be seen offering cafe patrons old bits of string and sexual favors for their uneaten food-stuffs. the most pride welling of role models; he was not. he began to realize that there was actual money to be made in such ventures, but it was going to take some subtle tweaking of his well established routine (as he was basically a crazy person, well known because of his other habits, most notably, fighting ghosts with a pants full of poo!).in eightteen-sixty-three, after years of insanity, he brought in his son (my grandfather), named Viscount of Pawnshoppery. this is when the family business really started to flourish. grandpa was a natural, offering people money well below an items actual worth and selling it well above the aforementioned low ball. thus the pawn game was truly born! the men of my family continued, donning titles all, from the original Baron to Viscount to Earl and on in this fashion to my father, the incomparable Duke Roger Von Dr. Uncle Pawnshoppery IV. after a tragic coal cart accident, my dreams of becoming a chimney sweep were dashed and i was dragged into a life of pawn and douchebaggery. hesitant and unskilled at first, my initial forays into pawn were unsuccessful, to say the least. offering folks a fair price for items and selling them at an equally fair price was frowned upon by my lineage. gradually i came around to the true nature of the business and in the present day i am known as Prince Pawnshoppington The Cool - Master of Garbage and Half Eaten Sandwiches. This is all true.

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