Makes sense to me

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Likelihood He’ll Cheat On You Against Number of Video Games He Owns. from

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    100%? Don’t listen to this, e-wimmenz!


    Well, there is one problem with this: If we are supposed to think “the more games he plays the less he cheats on you”, few guys I know OWN any games.. at least the never PAID for them ;-). But it says videogames tho… If that means PS, Xbox so on there isn’t TOO much pirating there yet, is there?

    But it’s a fact that many nerds are better in bed and better persons than “normal, popular” guys. Revenge of the nerds I guess.


    @flyingcat88: If you don’t pay for a game, you still own it afterwards. What logic is that.

    Yeah I wouldn’t know about anyone being better in bed than anyone. But if I did, I wouldn’t go the extra mile and say that it has anything to do with how many games they play or how nerdy they are.

    Also, the picture above is bullshit. Thank you.


    It should read:
    Likelyhood of Him actually finding a girl to cheat on you with, against the number of computer games he owns

    the nerds ive met who own tons of pc games are lucky to have the women they have, its highly unlikely they’ll find another one that will accept them
    unless they find a female nerd


    its so true



    This is inaccurate. I used to hang out with a lot of nerds, and I mean super dorky nerds, nerdy nerdy nerds and they’re was almost always someone cheating on someone.


    I purchased 5 games, so I guess I only own about 5 of them. I have 40 or so games installed right now according to xfire. It really depends what they consider “owning” I got HL2:DM free like eveyone else can, and my friend gave me a steam account with all the 1.6 engine games. Not to mention all the free games you can download legally, and ones you can torrent…and the ones that have no key check or poor key check…such as swat 4. I wasn’t “with” my now ex girlfriend at the time, we were just fucking around,… Read more »


    Change of cheating?


    @casemods: swat4 1.0 ??? if so add my xfire:susp4ct


    Shouldn’t the graph be “Likelyhood She’ll Cheat Against Number of Video Games He Owns.”

    That makes a hell of a lot more sense. If he is busy playing games, he has no time to push her buttons. So her cheating is inevitable.


    i swear this is true :).. i even got my husband a PS1 for christmas a couple years ago… got pregnant again hehehe


    so true

    well, there are a number of exceptions on both sides – there are nerdy social outcasts who cheat like hell, provided they can find girls who get into nerds


    This is so lame and juvenile. The mentality of a 6th grader right here. Female or male regardless.


    Cut the percentage in half if any of them are RPG’s.