Official Trailer | She-Hulk: Attorney at Law



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    tiki god

    Wow, the CGI in this looks terrible.

    Hopefully they clean it up a LOT before it gets it’s final release.


    There always seem to be some sort of uncanny valley when a movie goes from the big screen to the small screen. For some reason, many of the CGI movies look at least “OK” on the big screen, to then looking like the first episode of South Park construction paper when sent to consumer screens.

    I saw Avatar in the theater three times, a couple of times swatting away the “rocks” they throw at the “viewer” (usually I loathe that, but this got a pass), to only watching for 30 min at home before losing the “suspension of disbelief”.

    tiki god

    Except Professor Hulk looks just fine there to me, so that says it’s just her character model.


    They may not have the bucks a theatrical release would have….

    tiki god

    I’m sure you’re right about that, but I’ve seen some fantastic CGI come out of low budget shows in the past, so here’s hoping.


    The CGI will get better. They work on the episode up to 24 hours before they drop. Falcon and Winter Soldier had a few episode where the CGI wasn’t completed until a few hours before airing.

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